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Ysleta High School

Achieving Excellence

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Points of Pride

  • Campus History

    Ysleta High School was the first high school built in the Ysleta Independent School District and is considered to be the flagship school for YISD. The school, designed in 1927 by architect Henry C. Trost, is one of the oldest schools in El Paso and is considered a historic landmark. The school is located in El Paso’s lower valley and is adjacent to the border of the United States and Mexico.

    Met State Standards

    The Texas Education Agency 2015 Accountability has recognized Ysleta High School for 6 distinctions:

     * Academic Achievement in Mathematics

     * Academic Achievement in Reading / ELA

    *Academic Achievement in Social Studies

    * Top 25 Percent Student Progress

    * Post Secondary Readiness

    * Top 25% Closing Performance Gaps 


    Frequently Asked Questions About YHS Traditions

    Q: Why did the YHS all-girl Drum Corps change, and why is it now part of the band?

    A: Title IX regulations do not allow “all girl” activities. The Drum Corps first began admitting boys into the group several administrations ago, when boys expressed an interest in participating. Over the years, the school’s enrollment has declined, along with student participation in both the Drum Corps and band. By combining these two groups, the school is able to continue the quality tradition of having both a band and Drum Corps. To distinguish the Drum Corps from the rest of the band, however, members received new uniform bibs this school year to honor their rich heritage. However, both the band and Drum Corps are now aggressively rebuilding their programs.

    Q: Traditionally, the YHS horse-rider used to be a current student. Why is the horse-rider missing now?

    A: Securing a bareback rider who can throw a spear at the same time is an ongoing challenge for YHS. In the past, students have been injured attempting to fill this role. Currently, school administration is working to identify a spear-thrower who owns a horse, is capable of safely riding bareback, and can reliably attend various school events.

    Q: Why was the Honored Ex assembly moved to Wednesday? Will the homecoming parade be moved to a different day?

    A: The Honored Ex assembly was moved to Wednesday so that the junior varsity and freshman football teams are able to attend; they normally play on Thursday. In addition, all future homecoming parades will remain scheduled on the Friday morning before the homecoming game.

    Q: Why did the mascots change from real people to foam costumes?

    A: The mascot costume was replaced because of its age and poor condition, although it should be noted that the head of the previous costume was made out of foam. Currently, all high school mascot costumes are made of foam, and a real person is inside the costume.

    Q: Is Ysleta High’s graduation being moved to the Don Haskins Center?

    A: No. All YHS graduations are scheduled to take place at the school’s stadium, as always. There are no plans to move Ysleta’s graduation ceremony to the Don Haskins Center.

    Q: YHS football players used to have a tradition of touching Kawliga for good luck. What happened to that tradition?

    A: The tradition of touching Kawliga for good luck remains intact at YHS. At the start of 8th period on game day, the Drum Corps plays in the halls as the football team lines up and touches Kawliga for good luck. At all other times, however, Kawliga is kept in a glass case to prevent him being stolen by rival high schools, which has occurred in the past.


  • Indian Serena Ramos named to Hospitals of Providence Student Board

    Congratulations to Indian Serena Ramos who has been named to the 2016-2017 Hospitals of Providence Student Board of Directors.  Congratulations Serena and thank you for your dedication to your academics. 

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