• Join the "Jeankers for Scholars" Employee Giving Campaign

    Empowering Students to Unlock Their Limitless Potential Through a College Education!

    Dear Ysleta ISD employees, 

    We are excited to announce the launch of the YEF "Jeankers for Scholars" Employee Giving Campaign, dedicated to empowering education through scholarships. We invite you to join us in making a meaningful impact in the lives of aspiring students seeking higher education opportunities.

    YEF and THEDISTRICT believe in the transformative power of education and the potential it holds for individuals to shape their futures. To support this vision, the "Jeankers for Scholars" fund is aimed at assisting deserving students in pursuing their educational dreams.  Together, we aim to raise funds to bolster the YEF Scholarship Program and open doors for students who may otherwise face financial barriers to education.

    Last year, 125 YISD students received scholarship awards totaling more than $234,600. By participating in this campaign, you will be supporting outstanding Class of 2024 seniors AND wear your jeans and sneakers for 36 Fridays this school year!

    To participate, select from one of the following options:

    • Jeankers Fridays-Only Option: with a minimum $1.50 every Friday / $54 for 36 Fridays for the year tax-deductible donation, you can relax in jeans and sneakers each Friday

    *applies to ALL employees

    • Jeankers Year-Round Option: with a minimum $2.78 per week / $100 for every day of the School year, you can relax in jeans and sneakers every day of the school year

    *does NOT apply to campus administration and district central office employees


    **Jeans with any tears/holes are not permissible**

    Once you sign up, you will receive the respective “Jeankers” sticker above for your ID badge so you can proudly display your support for our students and their dreams of attending a college or university. Also, please remember that your YEF donation is tax-deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  

    Since 1992, supporters like you have awarded more than $4.7 million in scholarships to over 2,000 students, including children of Ysleta ISD employees. You can help YEF sustain this wonderful legacy by proudly making your pledge today: 

    • Go to https://bisweb.yisd.net to see the various options available to submit your donation, including: 
      1. payroll deduction 
      2. one-time credit card payment through PayPal 
      3. for other options, please contact the YEF office

    PIZZA PARTY DRAWING: if you make your donation by November 1st, you will have a chance to win a Monthly Pizza Party, which includes five pizzas and 30 ice cream coupons each month for four months! 

    QUESTIONS: (915) 434-0505 or yef@yisd.net

    Let us come together as a team and make a positive difference in the lives of aspiring students.  Together, we can empower education, create opportunities, and build a brighter future for generations. to come.  THANK YOU for investing in the future!

    We wish you an amazing and successful 2023-2024 school year! 

    #FulfillingDreams @ THEDISTRICT