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      • REL Washington International School offers open enrollment to all students.
        REL Washington International School offers another option to parents and students who live outside the school's attendance area, including students that live in other districts as well.

        International School
        REL Washington is an international school providing students in kindergarten through fifth grade in the dual language program the opportunity to develop high levels of proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in both English and Spanish. Students are also provided the opportunity to learn a third language, allowing them to become trilingual and be exposed to the German culture. The international program helps students develop positive attitudes toward those who speak other languages and have different cultures. 

        Advancements in Technology
        All students have a digital device available throughout the day, providing them with instant access to technology resources in their classroom and at home. By having one-to-one digital devices, students now have the necessary tools at their disposal, allowing them to develop 21st-century skills. 

        Extracurricular Activities
        Our school also offers many extracurricular activities and clubs for students. These activities create opportunities for students to collaborate school-wide and not just within their classroom. We strive to create a safe and positive learning environment for all students at REL Washington International School by constantly improving and implementing anti-bullying measures and promoting friendship and kindness.