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    Open Enrollment/Vouchers/Special Education

    1. Are there any after-school programs offered at Ysleta Middle School (YMS)?

    YMS will provide the following after-school programs in 2022-2023:

    Cheer Squad

    UIL events- Spelling, Oral Reading


    Art Club

    YMS Dance TEAM 2022-2023


    YMS would like to add the following activities, but a sponsor will be needed for 2022-2023

    Vex Robotics Team

    Student Council

    Pokemon Club


    1. When is registration?

    April 1, 2022: Online enrollment opens district-wide

    August 1-14, 2022: Registration Week; parents turn in enrollment packets and required documents

    August 1, 2022: First day of the 2022-2023 school year


    1. How will the Open Enrollment process work for current transfer students?

    If your student currently attends RBMS as either an in-district or an out-of-district transfer, his/her transfer will continue to be honored at YMS. Transfer students follow the same enrollment schedule and process as other students.


    1. How will enrollment work for those who are already transfers to RBMS?

    If your student currently attends RBMS as either an in-district or an out-of-district transfer, his/her transfer will continue to be honored at YMS. Transfer students follow the same enrollment schedule and process as other students. See question #2 for the District’s enrollment schedule.


    1. How will my child be affected if they are already a transfer at YMS?

    Current transfer students at YMS will not be adversely impacted by the addition of RBMS students.



    1. Will we have any notification sent to provide us about enrollment/registration?

    Yes, the District regularly sends registration announcements via email, call-out, and posts information on the District’s and campus websites.


    1. Who qualifies for the uniform vouchers?

    Any 6-7th grade student currently attending RBMS will be eligible for uniform vouchers. The vouchers will only be honored if they are used to acquire uniforms for YMS. The District will not provide uniforms for schools outside Ysleta ISD or for charter schools nor will the District provide uniforms for 5th grade students moving on to middle school.


    1. Who will be giving out the vouchers for the uniforms?

    RBMS administration will provide uniform vouchers to parents of eligible students. These vouchers will likely not be distributed until late April 2022.


    Transportation/Boundary Changes/Construction


    1. Will transportation be provided indefinitely for current RBMS students?

    Current RBMS students who require transportation to YMS Schools will receive it if they reside outside a 2-mile radius from YMS.


    1. Who qualifies for transportation?

    Current RBMS students who reside outside a two-mile radius from YMS will receive transportation.  


    1. Will transportation be provided regardless of the distance?

    Current RBMS students who reside outside a two-mile radius from YMS will receive transportation. 


    1. Will additional information, such as maps and pick up points, be made available? If so, where and when?

    Yes, the new transportation routes and maps will be made available by June 22, 2022. These are posted on the District’s website under Transportation.


    YMS School Opportunities

    1. Does YMS offer cheer? If so, for what grades? How is eligibility determined?

    Yes, YMS currently offers cheer for girls in 7th and 8th grades. Tryouts will be held in May.


    Years ago, Pasodale Elementary was home for all the K-8 classes in the area. In 1996 when Pasodale started to burst at the seams, the district and the community decided a new middle school was needed for the area. Scouting for a location was started and a plot of land used as a farm/ranch was acquired and became the new home for the middle school. In August 1998, Rio Bravo Middle School (RBMS) had its grand opening for the community.

    Technology and Education
    Through the years, Rio Bravo has worked hard at educating our students. In order to keep up with the 21st Century Learning Skills, Rio Bravo, along with the district, implemented 1:1 Engage Me Initiative by supplying a Chromebook device to every student.  This supports the integration of technology for each classroom content. We also implemented a three-year STEM program which offers students innovative course work such as:   
    Computer Apps                             Design & Modeling                                 Fight & Space  
    Medical Detectives                       Automation & Robotics

    By the summer of 2019, RBMS will also offer 6th & 7th grade STEM summer transition program with app creators. We (administrators, STEM teachers, staff and support faculty) are working hard to make the program a success.

    To round out our students, Rio Bravo gives everyone a chance to participate in extra-curricular activities like the Wolf Pack, which is RBMS reading club, the National Junior Society, Student Council, and Athletics.

    The Wolf Pack is focused on providing enthuse young readers the opportunity to increase a love for reading, to acquire social skills, and to promote a higher level of academic achievement.  The ultimate goal is for students to acquire a life-long interest in reading and to become positive role models.

    Our Rio Bravo National Junior Honor Society, which is sponsored by Mrs. Hinojos and Mrs. Lucero, prides themselves in the five pillars of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Citizenship. Chapter membership not only recognizes our Lobos for their academic accomplishments but challenges them to become involved in school activities and give of themselves through community service.

    The Student Council at RBMS, which is sponsored by Mrs. Alvarez and Mrs. Martinez, supports the development of leadership skills by organizing and running school activities and community service projects. Student Council provides students with the experience to work collaboratively, promote citizenship and human relations.

    As for sports, we offer more sports options than ever before. If your middle schooler participates in sports, you must consider the potential benefits.

    Here are some benefits:
    It gives students access to positive role models, such as coaches and older players who can set positive examples.

    They benefit from sports programs that foster teamwork and skill-building through "no-cut" policies rather than highly competitive programs similar to those found at high school and adult levels.

    Students participating in one or more interscholastic sports usually have a grade point average of 3.1, while non-athletes had an average of 2.4, (according to a study of interscholastic sports participation published in the NASSP Bulletin, the journal of the National Association of Secondary School Principals).

    At Rio Bravo, our coaches take pride in teaching the basics for every sport. Our coaches understand the importance of participation and repetition so everyone on the team will play in every sporting contest. This way your middle schooler will have the opportunity to participate in any sport they choose.

    Great Results
    Through the years, RBMS has had many growing pains but has achieved much through hard work and perseverance. Our results show with our students continuing their rites of passage to be productive members of society in our community and throughout the United States. We are proud of OUR STUDENTS! 


    Rio Bravo's VISION

    All students will engage in meeting individual goals and contribute to the overall excellence & positive culture at our campus.


    Lobos' MISSION

    We empower students to become stronger, successful community members and leaders with the skills necessary to prosper in life.









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