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      • Ysleta Middle was established in 1976 and is the first middle school in the Ysleta area. It is located behind Ysleta High School and near Ysleta Elementary School. Our school offers a STEM program to prepare students for their future. STEM courses integrate science, technology, engineering and math to help students build their problem-solving skills with real world issues.

        Our campus achieves 100% passing Algebra scores. Our Pre-AP Algebra I students achieved 100% passing on the Algebra I End of Course Exam. The goal for every Pre-AP student is to push themselves to reach their highest potential. We are proud to celebrate that 67% of the Algebra I students achieved Mastery on the exam this year. In preparation, students work diligently on rigorous lessons, homework and various projects. 

        Band, guitar, piano, choir, orchestra and art are some of the many music Fine Arts electives offered to students.

        The school offers a thriving athletic program for student athletes. Many students have an opportunity to try various sports for the first time before narrowing down to their most desired sport in high school. Some of our championships include:

        • Division II District Swimming Champions
        • Division II District 8th Grade Football Champions
        • Cross Country District Champions
        • Division II Soccer Champtions

        Ysleta Middle is a pioneer to establishing Project Males and Project Gals groups. Our student members have staff role models that lead them in community service at school and local organizations. These groups have presented their success stories at many events around the city.

        Parents are also a major part of our operation. Our Community In Schools coordinates and welcomes parents and community members to come to our monthly parent activities that may include nutritional classes and relaxing painting sessions.

        For more about our past and current events, please follow our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts (@YsletaMS).

        It's a great day to be a Brave!

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