Bel Air High School

Achieving Excellence

Points of Pride

  • Can’t hide our Big Red Pride!
    Congrats to our Lady Highlanders Fashion Team & Advisor Rita Sanchez,
    finishing TOP TEN IN THE NATION at the TSA National Conference!

    BAHS Fashion is top ten in the nation!  BAHS Fashion top 10 in the nation!!

    A little Bel Air history...

    Do you know the story behind the wooden mascot that stands regally at the school’s entrance? The statue was a gift for the school from the class of 1962. They made the decision during the fall of 1961 and money was collected from the class members to pay for the gift. The sculptor, Ramon Rocha, sketched the Drum Major Sandy Smith as the model for the statue. The project was done before the May 1962 graduation. It continues to be one of the defining symbols of Bel Air’s Big Red Pride. 

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