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    8600 ALAMEDA AVENUE    EL PASO, TEXAS 79907      PHONE (915) 434-8000     FAX (915) 858-3299

    The Ysleta High School Early College Academy offers a school within a school concept where
    students are able to earn an Associate's degree and high school diploma while taking part in
    the complete high school experience to include all athletics, fine arts, and academic team
    extracurricular activities.



    Foundations in Health Science & Medicine                  Education and Training    
    Business Management & Administration                     Marketing
    Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications      Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security           

                                   ADVANCED ACADEMICS

    Our school offers the following AP courses:

    Calculus, AB & BC                      Psychology                                       Studio Art
    English Language                      Spanish Language                            U.S. History
    English Literature                      Spanish Literature                           World History
    Physics                                       Statistics

    Our school also offers the following Dual Credit courses:

    Biology                                        Music Appreciation                           Psychology
    English 3                                     Pre-Calculus                                      U.S. Government
    English 4                                     Professional Communication           U.S. History
    Learning Framework

                                                 T-STEM ACADEMY

    Ysleta High School has the first Environmental Science Academy in the district.  One
    of the primary goals of the academy is to instill a sense of environmental stewardship
    in our students.  Their goal is to address some of the challenges that our environment 
    is facing and the need to begin living a more sustainable life in order to conserve available
    resources for future generations.  The academy also provides students with the opportunity
    to investigate career choices impacting environmental fields first hand by developing
    business relationships with local eco-friendly businesses.  Students will leave the program
    prepared to continue post-secondary opportunities and equipped to spread the knowledge
    they have gained.

                                     SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY

    Ysleta High School is registered in the county Historic Mission District which was the first
    part of the United States where the Spanish settled.  Our community lies alongside the
    Rio Grande and the Mexican border.  The school opened in 1927 and serves a mostly
    Hispanic population.  The school was built by Henry C. Trost and is rich with tradition,
    including the Ysleta High School Drum Corp which has been around for over 75 years. 
    Our school has been and remains the "Pride of the Lower Valley".

                                         MISSION STATEMENT

    The goal of our school community is to educate and prepare all Ysleta High School students
    by providing academic rigor, strengthening abilities, facilitating sound learning practices, and
    encouraging beneficial choices so that they may graduate with the skills necessary to suceed.

         Chief2 "ONCE AN INDIAN, ALWAYS AN INDIAN"Chief3




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