•  Ysleta Pre-K Physical Education Program

    Student Daily Activities

     All students attend P.E. on a daily basis for 30 minutes.  Our goal as physical educators is to motivate and encourage all students to participate in activities that will increase self-esteem and confidence.  Every activity we do is to help all students develop gross motor, fine motor and cooperative play skills.  We provide visual aids for all activities to enhance student learning.  We support academic learning by providing activities that help develop literacy, math, and science skills.  In order to ensure student learning we model every activity.  By making P.E. class fun and safe, we believe our students will develop a love for physical activity and will continue to be active throughout their lives.

     Student-centered learning activities include:

    • Obstacle Courses (Trampolines, Balance Beams, Wedge Mat, Tunnels, etc..)
    • Dancing (Rhythmic Skills)
    • Exercise Stations
    • Family Fitness Walks
    • Family Fitness Night
    • Annual Triathlons (Riding Tricycles, Racing, Hula Hoops)
    • Virtual Exercising
    • Basic Skills on soccer, basketball, hockey, volleyball, etc.
    • Team-based competition
    • Problem solving activities
    • OLE (Outdoor Learning Environment)

    Parental Involvement

    We invite parents to several physical education events throughout the year.  We have our Family Fitness Fridays that promote the importance of physical activity within the family.  Parents and family members are invited to come and walk with their children during their P.E. time.  We also have our Family Fitness Nights in the spring semester.  Family Fitness Nights are held in our gym and we teach a variety of exercises.  In addition, we have our annual "YPK Triathlon" where students participate in three activities and parents are invited to see their children in action!  We also offer our "YPK All-Star Fitness" program.  This program is to encourage physical activity at home.  Parents login the number of minutes they exercised with their child and the children are recognized/rewarded at the end of each semester.

     P.E. Schedule