• eduphoria! T-TESS STRIVE Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Where can I find the 2017-2018 YISD T-TESS Reference Manual?

    You may find it under Employee Relations or by clicking here: 

    T-TESS Calendar Update

    2. Where can I find the 2017-2018 YISD T-TESS Appraisal Agreement?

    You may find it by clicking here:

    2017-2018 T-TESS Appraisal Agreement

    3. Who must be evaluated this 2017-2018 school year?

    • Teachers whose social security numbers end in 0, 1, 2, or 3
    • Teachers who are on a probationary contract
    • Teachers who are on their first year at your campus

    4. How do I create a Document Analysis Report in Eduphoria Strive?

    You may find step-by-step instructions by clicking here:

    Creating a Document Analysis Report

    5. How do I create an Evaluation Status Report in Eduphoria Strive detailed by the appraiser?

    You may find step-by-step instructions by clicking here:

    Evaluation Status Report Detailed by Appraiser

    6. How do I create an Evaluation Status Report in Eduphoria Strive by school?

    You may find step-by-step instructions by clicking here:

    Evaluation Status Report Summary by School

    7. Can Domain 1 be rated throughout the T-TESS process?
    Yes, as long as you have evidence (eg. Pre-Conference).

    8. In preparation for the Post Conference, must there be a reinforcement and refinement area?
    Yes, a minimum of one of each, using the preponderance of the evidence.

    9. Do I allow for my teachers to view Pre-Conference and Observation notes prior to the Post-Conference?
    No, it is a collaborative effort final scores should be shared during Post-Conference.

    10. Once the Formal Observation is complete, how long do I have before I have to meet the teacher with the Instructional Post Conference?
    The evaluator has 10 business days from the day of the Formal Observation to meet face to face for the Post Conference and share all documentation/ratings with teacher.

    11. What should I do when a teacher is not on my staff list to be evaluated?
    Check the Appraiser setup and make sure the teacher/staff has an appraiser assigned.

    12. What should I do if one of my teachers does not see the STRIVE icon?
    Check the Appraiser set up. The teacher is probably not assigned to an appraiser.

    13. I’m unable to see the scroll bar or add dimensions, what should I do?
    Try using a different browser (Firefox and Chrome seem to work best) and ensure that you have the latest version of the browser you are using.

    14. How can I add/edit the appraisal document if I already signed the document?
    If only one of the individuals (you or the teacher/staff member) has signed, go back to electronic signature, click on person who signed and click “unsign” document. If both have signed, you need to contact Shelley Smallwood at 434-0683.

    15. By when should all observations be complete?
    Ideally no later than Spring Break, in order to ensure adequate time to complete the summative evaluation.


    16. What is the time frame of the Pre-Conference from the Formal Observation?
    The pre-Conference must be done within 10 business days of the announced formal observation.

    17. How many days must be given for teachers to review the Summative Annual Report?
    There are no minimum days prior to the summative conference.

    18. In filling out the Post Conference fields, "Benefits and Purpose", are these meant to be filled and completed by the appraiser or the teacher?
    These fields will be filled by the appraiser and will be similar for all evaluations.

    19. In filling out the Post Conference field "Reflection", is that to be filled and completed by the appraiser or the teacher?
    Both appraiser and teacher will fill and complete this field as a paraphrase of the post-conference.


    20. Once I finish a walkthrough, how long do I have to give a teacher feedback?

    The evaluator has 10 business days from the day of the walkthrough.


    21. I did not realize I could include Domain 1 in pre-conferencing with teachers. Do I meet with them once more and include Domain 1 in the rating?

    The entire school year may be used to gather evidence for all Domains. It is best to address it during the Summative Conference.


    22. Are holidays, such as Thanksgiving Break, to be counted as "Business Days"?

    No, "Business Days" must be working days.


    23. Must the "Electronic Signature" also be done within 10 business days from the date of the official observation?

    Yes, an "Electronic Signature" must be completed by both appraiser and teacher within 10 business days of the formal observation.


    24. When I create and open a new Summative document it does NOT copy any of the information over from the observation. What am I supposed to do?

     The Summative document looks different than the Observation document. It is actually much shorter. Yes, it is true, ratings for the domains do not copy over from the observation and should not. The ratings given in the Summative may well be the same as in the formal observation but do not have to be as the Summative encompasses the entire school year. The formal observation is just that one observation for 45 minutes or more. All ratings for the Summative should be completed and finalized during the face-to-face Summative conference.


    25. During the Summative conference, do we discuss next year's goals?

    Yes, each teacher will need to determine what his/her goal(s) will be for the following year. The goal(s) should be directly related to their identified Area of Refinement during the current year. 


    26. How many goal(s) should be created for the following year?

    It is recommended that the teachers set at least one goal but no more than two goals.


    27. Where should the goal(s) for the next school year be added?

    The goal(s) should be added to the bottom of the Summative document.


    28. Am I required to have another "face to face" meeting regarding goals at the beginning of next school year?

    Yes. The state recommends that a teacher and appraiser meet early in the new school year to review the goal-setting and professional development plan developed at the end of the preceding year in order to assess the suitability of the plan in light of the teacher's assignment and the teacher's student population.


    29. As an administrator, when do I need to Recertify?

    T-TESS Certification Test will be available at teachfortexas.org starting on June 1, 2017. Certifying any time after June 1 will be valid for the 2017-2018 school year. This should be completed by August 1, 2017, and a copy of your certificate sent to Bobbi Russell Garcia and Dr. Blanca López.