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    This website is designed to help parents in achieving and maintaining high levels of family involvement. You will find educational resources that will support learning at home while strengthening the family/school partnership. You will find home learning activities for families to engage in at home with their children.

    Este sitio web está diseñado para ayudar a los padres a lograr y mantener altos niveles de participación familiar. Encontrarán recursos educativos que apoyarán el aprendizaje en casa y fortalecerán la asociación entre la familia y la escuela.  Encontrarán actividades de aprendizaje en casa para que las familias se involucren en el hogar con niños.

  • Ysleta Independent School District offers pre-kindergarten  at the following campuses:

    Cedar Grove, Constance Hulbert, Eastwood Heights, East Point, Edgemere, Glen Cove, Loma Terrace, Le Barron, Pasodale, Tierra Del Sol, Sageland, Scotsdale, Parkland Prek. Pebble Hills and Ysleta PreK.

    The components of our Family Engagement  Plan include:

    -facilitate family to family support

    All of our PreKindergarten schools offer a variety of activities that offer opportunities for family to family support. These including literacy nights, math nights and science nights. 

    We also had our first PreK Parental Engagement Conference on January 28, 2017. Parents had the opportunity to come together and spend a day with their child. 

    Parents attended different sessions and had the opportunity to collaborate and work with their child on the following topics:




    -Supporting your child at home.


    -establish a network  of community resources

    -increase family participation in decision -making

    -equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning

    -develop staff skills in evidence-based practice that supports families in meeting their children's learning benchmark

    -evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement.

Educational Resources/ Recursos Educativos