The Ysleta Independent School District, Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs offer students opportunities to learn skills they will need for careers, college, and citizenship in the 21st century.  Constantly connecting, creating, and multitasking in a multimedia world, CTE students will:

    • Become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and effective communicators,
    • Master 21st century skills and solve new problems within and across disciplines, through exploration, discovery and collaboration,
    • Take pride in their mastery of skills and their contributions to work and society,
    • Demonstrate skill mastery through student performance and assessment strategies (auditing), digital portfolios and showcase exhibitions.

    YISD career pathways are geared to help every student, regardless of their college or career plans after high school graduation. Strategically planning high school courses, and selecting sequential related courses, provides an opportunity for students to gain advanced skills and knowledge in high school that will only serve to benefit them after graduation.


    To provide a positive and supportive environment for students to acquire academic, technological, marketable, and leadership skills empowering them to become productive citizens who value life-long learning in a diverse and changing world.


    YISD Career and Technical Education (CTE) will meet the academic needs of diverse learners by providing dedicated resources, integrated curriculum and practical experiences in order to address the demands of an ever-changing business world. CTE will provide high quality, sustained and targeted professional development that will prepare students to meet the needs of a global workplace. CTE will work collaboratively with district and regional entities to provide enhanced services and instructional support.


    Industry Certifications.  A goal of our CTE program is to give students the ability to gain industry-recognized credentials while still in high school.  Student certifications are available in all CTE cluster areas. These certifications and/or licenses can provide the student with credentials that will benefit them in obtaining employment in a related field or acceptance into a post-secondary education. Some certifications may be obtained at no cost to the student; some may require the payment of fees by the student.   

    Work-based Opportunities. Practicum Courses provide opportunities for students to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with paid and non-paid business and industry employment experiences and supports strong partnerships among school, business, and community stakeholders.

    Career and Technical Student Organizations Involvement. CTSOs are integrated into Career and Technical Education programs and courses. CTSOs extend teaching and learning through innovative programs and provide students leadership experiences at the school, state and national levels. CTSOs offer learning experience opportunities with business and community partners.  CTSOs offered: BPA, FBLA, FCCLA, DECA, HOSA, Skills USA, TSA, and VEX Robotics.