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    8600 ALAMEDA AVENUE    EL PASO, TEXAS 79907      PHONE (915) 434-8000     FAX (915) 434-8020


    Our school offers the following:

    AP courses:

    • Studio Art 
    • English Language
    • Spanish Language
    • U.S. History
    • Spanish Literature 
    • World History
    • Physics

    Dual Credit Online Courses:

    • Organizational Professional Communication (Speech 1321)
    • US Government (Govt 2305 & 2306)

     Dual Credit Face to Face Courses:

    • US History (1302)
    • College Transition (Educ 1300)
    • Eng 3 (Engl 1301 & 1302)
    • Gen Psych (Psyc 2301)
    • Pre-Cal (Math 1314)
    • Calculus (Math 2413)
    • Gen Bio (Bio 1306)
    • Physics (1301)

    The Ysleta High School Mechatronics Engineering Academy graduated its first cohort of students in 2020 and is the first Mechatronics Academy in the Ysleta Independent School District. Our academy provides students with the opportunity to investigate career choices in the fields of computer science as well as mechanical, electrical, electronics, and software engineering. Through the experiences within the academy students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a post-secondary degree in these fields.  In addition, students will earn at least 15 hours of college credit as well as industry certifications that will equip them to be successful upon graduation.


    The Ysleta High School Early College (YHSECA) is in its fourth year of designation, and is slated to have it's fifth student cohort in the 2021-2022 school year.  YHSECA continues to partner with
    EPCC and UTEP, and is the first early college high school to be housed in a traditional high school campus in the El Paso lower valley.  YHSECA students have the opportunity to earn an associate's
    degree on or before graduating from high school, while enjoying all of the stellar athletics, organizations, clubs, and activities that Ysleta High School has to offer.  As well, YHSECA students on the accelerated track may qualify to earn an additional 18 college credit hours at UTEP.  For more information, click on the link above.

                                     THE FLAGSHIP OF YISD

    On May 10, 2019 Ysleta High School received a historical marker from the El Paso County Historic Commission.  The marker was placed in front of Ysleta High School with great pride. The Ysleta area located in El Paso's lower valley was the first region of the United States where the Spanish settled.  Our community lies alongside the Rio Grande and the Mexican border.  The school opened in 1927 and serves a mostly Hispanic population today.  The school was designed by the architect, Henry C. Trost, and is rich with tradition. One of the long time traditions that is still at Ysleta High School is the Drum Corp which has been around for over 75 years.  Our school has been and remains the "Pride of the Lower Valley".

                                         MISSION STATEMENT

    The goal of our school community is to educate and prepare all Ysleta High School students by providing academic rigor, strengthening abilities, facilitating sound learning practices, and encouraging beneficial choices so that they may graduate with the skills necessary to succeed.

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