Plan Your Path

Ysleta ISD Career and Technical Education programs are aligned to state requirements through its 14 career clusters. They provide students with the academic and technical skills they need to compete in the global workforce and/or to continue their education at the post-secondary level after graduation.

We offer 13 of the 14 career clusters from the Achieve Texas. Pathways in these clusters follow a coherent sequence of classes, commencing in the ninth grade and leading to an associate degree, and/or a baccalaureate degree and beyond. There are four courses included in every program of study that provide an opportunity for students to earn at least 4 high school credits.

These courses are arranged in a sequence of increasing level of depth and content. The courses in these programs contribute to the ability of students to obtain a high school diploma and prepare them for direct entry into the related Community College (or other post-secondary) program that leads to high wage and high demand occupations.

Career Clusters