Ysleta High School

The Environmental Science and Engineering Academy (ESEA) at Ysleta High School is one of only a few in the city to receive the T-STEM designation from the Texas Education Agency for the opportunities it offers in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It focuses on providing the education and skills needed for careers in engineering, as well as integrating environmental science and engineering principles in order to improve and manage the natural environment.

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Program Overview

Ysleta High School career pathways are geared to help every student, regardless of their college or career plans after high school graduation. Strategically planning high school courses, and selecting sequential related courses, provides an opportunity for students to gain advanced skills and knowledge in high school that will only serve to benefit them after graduation.

Courses Offered

# Endorsement Pathway Sample Courses
1 Arts & Humanities Fine Arts, English Literature, or World Language Band, Dance, Choir, Guitar, Orchestra, Theatre, Spanish, and French
2 Business & Industry Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources
Arts, Audio/Video, and Communication
Business Management & Administration
Veterinary Medical Applications, Equine Science, Advanced Soils, and Practicums
Principles of Arts Audio & Video, Animation, Fashion Design, and Graphic Design
Business Information Management I, Business Management, and Practicum in Business
Advertising, Fashion Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Practicum in Marketing
3 Multidisciplinary Studies Advanced Courses Four credits in advanced placement, IB or dual credit selected from English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Economics, Languages Other Than English, or Fine Arts
4 Public Service Health Science
Law and Public Safety
Education & Training
Health Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, and Practicums in Health Science
Principles of Law, Correctional Services, Law I and II, and Forensic Sciences
Principles of Education and Training, Human Growth and Development
5 Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Engineering Principles of Applied Engineering, Digital Electronics, Robotics, and Biotechnology