• Why Career and Technical Education?

    YISD Career and Technical Education programs provide students with the rigorous, content-aligned academic standards necessary to prepare students to succeed in today’s global economy. Students have opportunities to develop specialized skills and apply their academic knowledge in real world settings throughout signature programs and specialized curriculum.

    CTE Signature Programs

    Signature Programs add value to the high school experience and prepare students for success!  These programs provide rigorous, stimulating curriculum that engages and motivates students; provide opportunities for students to acquire and practice 21st century skills; and prepare students for success in college, high-skill careers, and life.
    Each high school in our district provides opportunities for their students to select challenging and interesting programs at their respective schools to meet their unique and individually diverse learning needs, styles, and preferences.

    T-STEM Academies

    The Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (T-STEM) Initiative provides a foundational approach to empower teachers, inspire students, and advance the studies in these four fields. The public-private initiative of academies, professional development centers and networks is designed to improve instruction and academic performance in science and mathematics-related subjects at secondary schools.
    Ysleta ISD is home of 5 of the 121 T-STEM Schools in Texas.

    National Academy Foundation (NAF)

    NAF provides a rigorous, industry-validated career-themed curriculum that incorporates current industry standards and practices, literacy strategies, and STEM integration. The NAF curricula is created in partnership with industry professionals and designed around projects that help students acquire valuable workplace skills and see their education as a step toward long-term career options.


    Project Lead The Way is an American not-for-profit organization that develops STEM curricula for use by US elementary, middle, and high schools. The program offers a problem-based curriculum combined with a teacher professional development. PLTW students engage in hands-on activities, projects, and problems that are reflective of real-world challenges.

    Articulated Courses

    High School Articulation is a process where students may earn articulated college credits for career and technical courses they take in high school. This process aligns curriculum and instruction to provide a seamless transition between high school, community college and college/university levels in a career pathway.
    The ultimate goal of articulation is to help students become more educated, productive and knowledgeable in the chosen field of study without having to take a course again after transferring earned credit toward an associates' or bachelor’s  degree.

    YISD articulates CTE courses with El Paso Community College.

Campus Offerings

Campus Signature Programs Articulated Courses T STEM Designation NAF Academy Designation Curriculum
Bel Air HS Health Professions Academy EPCC 9 to 12 grades Health Computer Science and Engineering
Del Valle HS Multi Business Academy EPCC 9 to 12 grades Business Computer Science and Engieering
Eastwood HS Finance Academy EPCC Finance
Parkland HS STEM Academy EPCC 7 to 12 grades Computer Science and Engineering
Riverside HS Trades and Industry Programs EPCC 9 to 12 grades Engineering
Ysleta HS Environmental Science Academy EPCC 9 to 12 grades
Young Women's Leadership Academy STEM Academy
All Middle School Gateway to Technology