• Architectural Design


                  Mr. Sal Torres

                  Mr. Emanuel Iglesias

    Career Cluster

    Architecture & Constrcution


    This course is a two year program where students learn various tasks and skills required for employment in the Architectural Design industry.

    11th Grade

    In advanced architectural design, students gain advanced knowledge and skills specific to those needed to enter a career in architecture and construction or preparing a foundation towards a post secondary degree in architecture, construction science, Science drafting, interior design, and landscape architecture. Advanced architectural design includes the advanced knowledge of the design, design history, techniques, and tools related to the production of drawings, renderings, and skilled models of for commercial or residential architectural purposes.

    12th Grade

     Practicum in architectural design is an occupational specific course designed to provide technical and instruction in architectural design. Safety and create opportunities are included in addition to work ethics and architectural design study.

  • Certifications

    ACU (AutoDesk Certified User)

    • AutoCAD
    • Revit
    • Inventor Professional