• Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

    Instructor: Mr. Michael Rodriguez

    Career Cluster

    Transportation, Distribution & Logistics


    This course is a two year program where students learn various tasks and skills required for employment in the collision industry. 

    11th Grade

    In the 11th grade students learn damage analysis and repairing of damage using various tools such as hammer and dollies and stud welders. Students learn to properly identify damage and select the repair method best suited for the task at hand. Theory on aluminum repairs are covered along with various tools used for such repairs. Estimating is covered in detail and students learn the necessary critical information for properly writing an estimate. Manual estimating is done at first then students learn through software such as Audatex and CCC One. Students then learn the basics of MIG Welding through the use of virtual technology then by applying to physical exercises. Students learn to perform welds necessary to meet the requirements of the I-CAR WQST certification test. Plastic repair is covered where students learn to identify the various types of plastics used in modern automobiles. They then learn various adhesive repair techniques which include cosmetic, two-sided repairs and tab repairs. Students take the Student ASE Non-Structural Damage Analysis and Repair certification test upon completion of the course.

    12th Grade

    The senior year introduces students to the refinishing process. Various equipment used in refinishing is covered such as paint guns, safety items, and spray booths. Students learn the various chemicals that are utilized in a refinishing task; these include various primers, corrosion protection, reducers and base coats. Water based and solvent based paint products are discussed and the importance of such products. Students learn to mask a vehicle in preparation for refinishing utilizing various masking techniques and products. Students utilize their past knowledge to repair a vehicle, prime and paint. Customer service skills are enforced as students prepare for interaction with various types of customers. Part of the course is focused on career and finance management where students learn resume writing, interview skills and qualities that employers look for in new employees.

  • Certifications

    i-Car (Industry Standard Certification)

    SP2 (Safety Certification)