Center for Health Professions at Bel Air High School

Do You like Helping people, discovering new ideas, directing emergency services, taking care of animals, learning about how the body work, or science and medicine?

Students may graduate with a diploma and portfolio showing strengthened academic skills, test competencies, employee skills, leadership experience, career entry self-confidence, and self awareness.

Bel Air Center for Health Professions

Program Overview

The Center for Health Professions at Bel Air High School focuses on careers in planning, managing, and providing health care. The program provides students with six different pathways and industry certifications to explore a variety of health careers and make realistic and satisfying career choices: Dental, EMT, LVN, Pharmacy Tech, Physical Therapy, and Veterinarian Tech.

Why a Health Career?

Health Careers offer endless opportunities to explore, and have many advantages over other careers including:

Job Security Health care skills will always be in demand, particularly in direct patient care areas.

Income Salaries are often higher in health careers than in jobs requiring the same amount of education, and are steadily increasing due to high demand.

Geographic Mobility The skills you learn in your field are needed in business, industry, schools, hospitals, and other health care settings, which means you can find employment almost anywhere.

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Apply For the 2021-2022 School Year

Information Nights - December 3 and January 13
Virtual Sessions at 5:30 pm

Programs Offered