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  • FAQ’s

    Are the scholarships available only for “A” students?
    Some colleges/universities offer scholarships for lower grades, it is at the discretion of the institution.

    Is there a sign-up fee to use Raise.Me?
    There is no charge for students to use the Raise.Me website.  The service and information provided is funded by the colleges and universities who have partnered with Raise.Me to offer scholarships to students.

    Are the scholarships offered guaranteed?
    All scholarships offered through Raise.Me do require that the student be eligible for admission to the respective college/university that has made the scholarship offer.

    Is there a maximum number of colleges that I can follow?
    No, you are welcome to follow as many college/universities on Raise.Me to take full advantage of what your accomplishments can earn.

    Do I have to wait until I am a Senior to use Raise.Me
    Absolutely not, students as early as Freshmen year can create an account on Raise.Me and start earning scholarships now.

    Can I still apply for Federal Financial Aid with the FAFSA if I have earned scholarships with Raise.Me?
    All students are encouraged to apply for Federal Financial Aid with the FAFSA.  Colleges/universities will combine your financial aid and your scholarships together into one package.

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