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  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Securtiy

  • Are you interested in a career in Law? Then Ysleta High School has the right career pathway for you! Whether you want to be a Police Officer, a Firefighter or even a Lawyer, we can help you get there! Ysleta High School offers all the classes you need to complete your 4-year Career Pathway. The goal of the Ysleta High School Law classes is to prepare the student for a future career in law enforcement or public safety. We will achieve this by modeling the classes in a way that will mirror a law enforcement academy. The students will be exposed to the academic rigors required to successfully pass certification courses in Security Services and 911 Dispatch.  The students will

    be trained in basic handcuffing, traffic stops, building searches and defensive tactics all of which will give the student a better understanding of what a career in law enforcement involves. Physical fitness a very important part of law enforcement and the students will be physically challenged during the school year. The students will participate in team building exercises and a variety of obstacle courses that will challenge the student both physically and mentally. Join our program and you will gain knowledge and begin preparing for a career in Law.

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  • Possible Careers:

    - Security Officer

    - Police Officer

    - Detention Officer

    - Border Patrol Agent

    - State Trooper

    - DEAAgent

    - State Corrections Officer

    -FBI Agent

    - Customs Agent

    - Secret Service

    - Emergency Medical Services

    - Firefighter

    - 911 Operator





    Courses offered at Ysleta High School:

    • Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security
    • Law Enforcement I
    • Law Enforcement II
    • Federal Law Enforcement and Protective Services
    • Forensic Science

    Students in the Ysleta High School Law Enforcement Club will be training for and competing in Law Enforcement competitions throughout the year. They will compete in events related to police and firefighter work. For example: Traffic Stop, Felony Traffic Stop, Building Search, Police Obstacle Course, Foot Pursuit, Domestic Disturbance, Opening and Closing Statements. Students will get hands on experience into their desired career.

    Endorsement: Public Services

    Pathway:Law & Public Safety

    Student Certifications: 911 Operator, Private security Level II

    Student Organization: TPSA (Texas Public Safety Association, El Paso Border Challenge)


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  • The average annual salary for Public Safety Professionals starts off at about $43,000. Those working in the Federal Government earn the highest salaries at about$ 67,000. Straight out of high school students will be certified to get a Security Officer job starting at $28,000. They will also have a 911 Operator certification that will start them off at $40,000. There are many careers in El Paso to choose from, as well as around the world. Our partnerships with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and the other local agencies will give each student the hands on knowledge to prepare them for the right career choice.

  • For more information please contact:

    Ysleta High School at (915) 434-8007
    Email Mr. Tovar:

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