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    The Parkland Criminal Justice Program and Criminal Justice Club are the newest members of the Parkland family.  Both the club and the program started in 2017 when Parkland hired Mr. Jimenez to restart the long missing program.  The club and the program have taken off with enrollment and are constantly gaining more students on a weekly basis. 

    The classes are filled with no empty seat of students that are eager to learn about Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security.  Right now Principles of Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security and Law I, are the two courses being offered, with many more on the horizon.  The goal for the program is to offer all the courses in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security discipline; classes like Law II, Court Systems, Corrections, Security, Law Practicum, as well offering Dual Credit for those students that qualify though El Paso Community College. The long term eventual goal for the program is to incorporate the other two branches of the Public Safety sector with a Fire program and an Emergency Services program, all falling under the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security umbrella. 

    Students currently enrolled in the class learn a variety of topic using lecture, exams, group work, presentation, and hands on skills.  Topics range from handcuffing procedures and pat searches, to felony traffic stops, crime scene investigation, and mock trials, and even learning to work together using Teambuilding Tuesdays.  The students enrolled in the program get immersed into the criminal justice system with fieldtrips to the El Paso Police Academy, El Paso County Court House, and many more.  This is guaranteed not to be your typical classroom experience, you instructors are experienced former members of law enforcement and run the program similar to an academy and its structure.

    The Criminal Justice Club works off what is already learned in the classroom.  You do not need to be a criminal justice student in order to be in the club.  The club is open to all students that wish to join.  The club expands on what is learned in the classroom setting.  Because the club meets after school there is more time allotted for scenarios that take longer than 45 minutes to complete.  A crime scene for example can be broken down bit by bit and analyzed much longer in a club setting.  The club takes fieldtrips as well, but also competes in local, regional, and state competition with TPSA and with El Paso Border Challenge in events like S.W.A.T extraction, bomb threat, criminal case analysis, cell extraction, felony traffic stop, fingerprinting, inmate processing, drug raid, search and rescue, and so much more. If you are thinking about a career in criminal justice or public safety the Parkland Criminal Justice Club is for you!

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