• Online Enrollment is open for all students. 



    • Most students in YISD have at least one guardian with a HAC account.
    • Most parents will be able to successfully complete the process without having to set foot on your campus.
    • The process itself is quick and easy and can be done in about 5 minutes.
    • Parents can enroll all of their children in one session. There is no need to go from campus to campus.
    • Your campus personnel have been equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to completely facilitate the process.

    Returning Students

    • Online Enrollment is open now!
    • 100% of returning students must submit the Online Demographics Update Forms.
    • Most students have at least one guardian who has a Home Access Center login and family members are linked.
    • The process takes at most 5 minutes per student to complete.

    NEW to YISD Students (Includes Pre-K)

    • Online Enrollment is open now!
    • Parents can create an account from anywhere and at any time!
    • Parents can complete the process in less than 10 minutes!

    Roles* and Responsibilities of Online Enrollment Campus Team



    Campus Administration

    Clerical Staff

    Technology Support

    (ITS & Librarians)

    • Coordinate process
    • Encourage/promote that the process can be completed without setting foot on the campus
    • Determine logistics for face-to-face campus support
    • Campus level publicity
    • Creating a positive atmosphere and delivering service excellence
    • First Point of Contact
    • Screen parents to determine which form is appropriate
    • Manage HAC logins and passwords in eSchoolPLUS
    • Link family members in eSchoolPLUS
    • Activate students returning to the district in eSchoolPLUS  
    • Ensure technology is ready to go!
    • Assist parents with creating an email account if necessary
    • Assist parents with accessing/submitting Online Demographic Forms
    • Assist parents of NEW to YISD students with creating an account and submitting Online Enrollment Forms  


    *Please Note: Roles are clearly defined to protect the integrity of data within the eSchoolPLUS system. Clerical staff have had extensive training on the documentation necessary to make changes to student information including contact information. ITS and Librarians will not have access to modify contacts on eSchoolPLUS including HAC login information.