YISD Homestead Exemption

  • The Ysleta Independent School District is the only school district in El Paso that offers its homeowners an additional 20 percent Homestead Exemption on their property taxes. This exemption lowers the taxable value on the property and could potentially lower the overall tax burden homeowners pay to the district. This exemption is a promise to our taxpayers that we will spend their dollars efficiently while providing students with a quality education.

How the exemption works

  • Homeowners who apply for a homestead exemption through the El Paso Central Appraisal District will receive two exemptions off the value of their property. First, the YISD 20 percent exemption is applied to total value of the property. After that, the standard $40,000 exemption offered by the State of Texas is subtracted from that new value to create the homeowner's overall taxing value for YISD taxing purposes. The YISD tax rate, which is approved annually by the Board of Trustees, is then multiplied for every $100 of valuation to determine the overall tax burden that is payable to the district.

    For example, a homeowner that owns a property that is valued at $160,000 applies for a homestead exemption. The YISD 20 percent exemption is first applied, bringing the value of the home to $128,000. Then, the statewide exemption of $40,000 is subtracted, making the taxable value of the home $88,000. By multiplying YISD's current tax rate of $1.281 per $100 of value, this homeowner's tax burden for that year will $1,128.

    Please note that the 20 percent exemption ONLY applies to the Ysleta Independent School District.


How to apply

  • Homeowners in Ysleta ISD can apply for a Homestead Exemption through the El Paso Central Appraisal District (EPCAD). Only one application is needed to apply for all exemptions. Application forms are available to download by clicking the link below, or at EPCAD, located at 5801 Trowbridge Drive . Please follow all the instructions that are listed on the application form.

    Click here to download the EPCAD Homestead Exemption Form

    For more information about Homestead Exemptions, please contact EPCAD at 915-780-2000.

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