• Response to Intervention

    The Response to Intervention (RtI) process in Ysleta ISD begins with high-quality instruction for all students.  RtI is a three-tier approach designed for the early identification and support of students who struggle in academics and/or behavior.


    Tier 1:  Whole Class

    • In the general education classroom, all students are taught utilizing practices and strategies that research has shown to be effective.
    • The entire class is screened to identify students who are at risk of failing.  Kids may work in small groups in the classroom as the teacher uses differentiated instruction to target varied skill levels and learning styles.
    • All students’ progress is tracked using a validated measurement tool.  The school will inform parents if their child is struggling and will provide updates on his/her progress.


    Tier 2:  Small Group Interventions

    • If a student is not making adequate progress in Tier 1, he/she will receive interventions in addition to the regular Tier 1 instruction.
    • Interventions will be conducted weekly and students’ progress will be monitored.
    • The school will provide parents with updates of their child’s progress on a monthly basis.


    Tier 3:  Intensive Interventions

    • If a student is not making adequate progress in Tier 2, he/she will receive more intensive instruction on specific skills.  Parents will continue to receive progress updates.
    • A designated person that is highly trained at the campus provides tier 3 interventions.   
    • The student will work in small groups to receive targeted lessons.

RTI Resources for YISD Personnel