Bond2019 Overview

  • The Facility Advisory Committee recommended and the board of trustees approved the following items:

    The modernization of Bel Air High School, which includes maintaining the newest and most viable parts of the campus, while replacing the original classroom wing from the 1960’s.

    Building a new Scotsdale Elementary School, replacing a 58-year-old campus on the existing site.

    Building a new Dolphin Terrace Elementary School on the site of the existing 60-year-old campus. The new elementary school will bring the same level of innovative learning spaces as the elementary schools built in the 2015 bond.

    Building a new Hanks Middle School. This proposed campus would replace two middle schools with low utilization rates: Desert View Middle School, and Indian Ridge Middle School. The unified facility will create 21st century learning spaces for up to 1,200 students.

    Building a new Riverside Elementary School, which consolidates two existing campuses: Ascarate Elementary School, an 82-year-old campus, and Cedar Grove Elementary School, a 60-year-old campus. This new campus will be built on one of the existing schools’ sites.

    Renovations and improvements to Riverside High School, which includes the career and technology facility, as well as new multipurpose turf at the baseball and softball fields.

    The Bond 2019 includes an investment to convert swamp coolers to refrigerated air systems at various campuses throughout the district. Our part of the world is simply more humid than it used to be, and many evaporative coolers are reaching the end of their life cycle. The Bond 2019 would provide refrigerated air conditioners to replace the older swamp coolers. Refrigerated air maintains a more consistent temperature, aids in removing moisture from the air, and assists in filtering any bugs, pollen, or contaminants before they enter a building’s central air system. 

    The Bond 2019 also includes safety and security upgrades and improvements across the district including measures such as secure entry vestibules, fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, ballistic film, key card access doors, and ADA accessibility improvements at many of the campuses in our district.