Future Knights, we want you to be part of the J.M. Hanks Early College High School and our tradition of success. We have school spirit, traditions, and many clubs and organizations that will make you feel at home. As an Early College High School Student, you will earn college credit while being a part of everything that Hanks High School offers. You will yell from the student section as we get ready to bring up our shield and sword, then release the boom! You'll clap when you hear our drumline and cheer squad marching down the hallway to get us ready for game day. The Hanks HS experience is about standing next to hundreds of your friends cheering and participating with our highly acclaimed marching band to the tune of our fight song. Before you know it, four years later, you will be dressed in your cap and gown preparing to step into the future. 

    Welcome to J.M. Hanks: Where every student MATTERS, and every MOMENT counts!

    As a Hanks Early College student, you will have the opportunity to earn over 60 college credit hours. At UTEP, the average 15 hours cost approximately $8,340, while books can cost up to $1,800.  Attending the Hanks Early College can save you thousands of dollars in tuition and will give you a two-year head start on your academic endeavors. 

    Below is a link that will allow you to compare other universities and the money that a J.M. Hanks Early College High School student can save. 

    Early College Video

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