• Ysleta High School has partnered has partnered with institutions of higher education such as EL Paso Community College(EPCC) in order to offer students the opportunity to complete 44 Texas core curriculum college credits.  Through the partnership, EPCC ensures that the students at YHS are receiving approved instruction and earning college credit through their professors via online courses or in person with YHS instructors who have been vetted by EPCC.

    The University of Texas at El Paso and the College of Engineering have worked with the STEM Academy for several years and has provided support in the areas of professional development for teachers.  Several of their faculty are members of the T-STEM Advisory Board.  They have also hosted our students at UTEP for Engineering Department tours and have held summer camps for them as well. 

    Currently the STEM program at Ysleta High School has created a strong partnership with higher education and local engineering partners to begin creating practicums, internships and workforce alignment in our area.  One of the most active partners is the REC Foundation.  The REC Foundation is a STEM industry partner in the areas of engineering and robotics.  They have sponsored VEX Robotics competitions in the area and have provided VEX ECR training for STEM teachers.  The goal of this partnership is for students to have access to as many competitions, events, and summer internships as possible. 

    Parents and families are contacted throughout the school year through the Attendance Office, SLC Coordinator, classroom teachers, administration, and/or the STEM Academy Coordinator to update them on student, issues, progress, and campus events.  As students compete in STEM events, parents are brought in for meeting to review logistics and competition details.  Parents are invited to join their student’s awards ceremonies for Science Fair at the campus, district and regional levels.  Parents are also encouraged to attend the YHS Academic Awards Ceremony at the end of the school year.  The Ysleta ISD CTE department holds House Bill 5 Night in the fall semester at the high school where 8th grade parents and students are invited to learn about the STEM and other CTE programs at YHS.  Parent meeting will be held for STEM parents and students during the fall and spring semesters.  Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter will also be means of communicating with the Academy students, parents and families.

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