• Grand Canyon University

    Business:  Grand Canyon University
    Contact:  Joyce Armijo
    Phone:  602-639-6967
    Email:  joyce.armijo@gu.edu
    Availability:  Monday thru Friday, AM or PM
    Age Level:  Teachers
    Length of Presentation:  30 - 45 minutes
    Brief description:  Seminars on financial aid, pell grant, loan forgiveness, professional development, higher education, and continuous education.



    University of Phoenix

    Business: University of Phoenix
    Contact:   Jose Urbina, MBA
    Phone:  491-9002
    Email: jose.urbina@phoenix,edu
    Availability:  Monday - Friday, AM or PM
    Age Level: Teachers, Parents
    Length of Presentation:  depends on needs
    Brief description:  Presentation provides an overview of the University of Phoenix, inception, mission, and program information.