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    Why schools need partners
    The YISD Partners In Education program matches caring individuals and interested groups with students and schools who need positive support for their educational and personal growth. Through successful partnerships, partners become an advocate for students, teachers, and public school education.

    Schools need Partners In Education to support and enrich the lives of children in the Ysleta Independent School District and to make our community a better place in which to live.
    By establishing school-community partnerships for quality education, we can help our students to:

    - Build self-esteem and self-confidence. 
    - Experience additional chances for accomplishment 
    - Bring enthusiasm and encouragement for academic success and achievement. 
    - Receive instant positive feedback. 
    - Add an adult "mentor" to their experiences. 
    - Give students a role model to emulate.
    - Know that the community cares about their success. 
    - Increase their knowledge of the business community.

    The school partner is not asked to meet all the needs of the school, but to commit to fulfilling some of the designated needs. Partners usually offer to help in ways that match their own capabilities, such as:

    - Providing student motivation through incentives, recognition events, etc.
    - Funding of supplies, equipment, and/or programs. 
    - Sharing expertise (career days, advisory committees, special presentations) 
    - Providing teacher appreciation and support. 
    - Donating in-kind services, materials or supplies. 
    - Offering student internships and job placement opportunities. 
    - Providing discounted services or items to district employees. 
    - Give the gift of time and personal commitment. 
    - Sponsor field trips or business tours. 
    - Support students by granting scholarships and awards for outstanding achievement and/or perfect attendance.

    Types of partnerships
    Adopt a School - A partnership where a business or organization assists a specific campus throughout the year with resources or volunteers
    School-Business Partnerships - A partnership between a business or organization with one or more campuses or district wide collaboration.
    Speakers Bureau - An online directory available to campuses listing individuals, businesses or organizations who want to share their expertise or experience on particular topics, providing specific in-depth subject enrichment to the classroom.
    Mentorships - Volunteers from businesses, organizations and the community invested to helping students with their educational and personal development.
    Benefactors - Partnership support to YISD may be offered to the district through monetary or in-kind contributions.
    Partner Perks! - Businesses offer discounts to employees presenting their YISD identification badge or YISD activity card.  Discounts are posted on the PIE website for employee access.
    Student Internships - Businesses provide opportunities to build career awareness, exploration and preparation.
    Scholarship sponsorships through the Ysleta Education Foundation - Business may sponsor a scholarship in their name to a graduating senior in YISD.  For a scholarship donation, go to www.yefscholarships.com.

Last Modified on November 4, 2022