Planning Ahead for the Future


    YISD Students: Start planning ahead for your Future to ensure you are well prepared and have taken advantage of all resources available.

    Use the College Board's Big Future website to help you with decisions about college including creating a Road Map for a college plan specific to each student.

     Big Future - Create Your Road Map:

     Khan Academy – to get test practice:

    TIP: create a personal email account (such as gmail, yahoo, etc.) to use for all college business as your YISD email will be inactivated once you graduate from high school.

    Use the YISD College and Career Readiness Toolkit below to help you prepare for the future:

    College Career & Military Readiness Toolkit


    Visit with your school Counselor and/or Go Center Specialist.


YISD College Career & Military Readiness Toolkit

  • 6th & 7th Grade Checklist

  • 8th Grade Checklist

  • 9th & 10th Grade Checklist

  • 11th Grade Checklist

  • Senior Year Checklist