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  • The Ysleta Fire Tech Academy is our newest pathway in Public Safety. This new program will prepare the student for a fire-related career and create a multi-tool of skills from fire science, building construction, fire hydraulics, building systems and fire protection. Students will also learn other life-saving skills and how to prepare for disaster response, hazardous materials and fire prevention. Modern Firefighters no longer sit and wait for the next emergency but are actively out working n the community to prevent dangerous situations, educating the public about the dangers and building community relationships. The Fire Tech Academy will also prepare the students for the mental and physical demands required to become a Firefighter with activ3e physical training. Male and female students will prepare their bodies and minds to work as a team to complete tasks and develop their skills to have the attitude and confidence to join one of the oldest and most honorable professions in the world.

  • Possible careers:

    Emergency Manager                       Emergency Medical Services

    Firefighter                                        Fire and Arson Investigator

    Fire Insurance Appraiser                 Fire Eqipment Sales Representative

    Fire or Building Inspector                Fire or Emergency Service Instructor

    Fire Protection Sprcialist                 Hazardous Materials Technician

    Resue Technician                              Occupational Safety & Risk Manager

  • The average annual salary for firefighters is $50,000, with an hourly rate of $22.00. Fire Inspectors and investigators average salary is $54,000 with and hourly rate of $27.00. With professional advancement through continued education and work experience, careers in the field of Fire Protection annual salaries can average $75,000. Careers in this field are projected to continue to grow over the next decade by up to 20%.

  • Courses offered at

    Ysleta High School:

    Principles of Law

    Public Safety

    Corrections and Security

    Fire Fighter 1

    Fire Cadet 1

    Disaster Response

  • Our Ysleta High School Law and Public Safety programs will build PRIDE in our students:


    Respectfirst aid





  • Endorcement: Public Services

    Pathway: FIRETECH ACADEMY: Law & Public Safety

    Student Certifications: C.E.R.T.  Community Emergency Response Team and First Aid/CPR/AED

    Student Organization: TPSA (Texas Public Safety Association) El Paso Border Challenge



    For more information please contact:

    Ysleta High School at 915-434-8007