Bridge program calendar and curricula

    - 2022 Summer Bridge

     - ExciTES encourages rising 3rd graders through 11th graders from the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez region to use their knowledge, imagination, and creativity to 1) become aware of the diverse fields and careers of engineering, and 2) be encouraged to attend college, specifically, UTEP's College of Engineering.

    During any sessions in the ExciTES Summer Institute, you will meet other students your age as you will be engaged in inquiry-based and team-oriented projects activities that were developed with the assistance of UTEP engineering faculty and facilitated by undergraduate students. You exploration of the various engineering fields and careers will connect to the 8 Bachelor of Science degrees offered through the UTEP College of Engineering and take you through engineering research laboratories or UTEP facilities.

    UTEP-ExciTES Program

    VEX IQ Competition

    Girls Powered: El Paso Conference

    - Engineering Tech Day Scrimmage: TBA


    Tutoring and other intervention/remediation program schedules

    NEZ (NO Excuse Zone)

    - Open for students who owes loss of Credit hours. We're open before school at 7:30 and lunch time, Monday - Friday.

    - After school is open until 5, Monday - Thursday.

    - Saturday School  will held in the Highlander Academy (Stadium 1) from 8 AM - 12 PM.


    - Student Audit Sheets


    Calendar of family outreach events

    HB5 Presentation - date TBD


    Schedule of regularly scheduled counseling/advisory events and records of completion for these support services.

    Advisory Schedule