• On June 23, 2021, Ysleta ISD applied for $139.6 million in federal funding from the Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund which is part of the American Rescue Plan. This was the third set of ESSER funds allotted to the states from the federal government. On July 26, 2021, YISD was notified that its application had been approved.

  • YISD’s Three Year Plan of Action for ESSER III Funds   

    COVID Mitigation: YISD is committed to protecting all students and employees to the fullest extent possible. With ESSER support, continued testing will occur in our schools as the pandemic warrants. In addition to supporting our nursing program in each school, personal protective equipment and sanitization supplies will be purchased to ensure classrooms, common areas, and buses are cleaned for the safety of everyone in the school community  
    Technology: District will provide technology to each district student for 21st Century learning. while supporting access to the internet with hot spots.  Instructors for remote teaching will be hired and trained to provide a rigorous online instructor.  
    Instruction: The district will implement evidence-based instructional strategies from sun up to sun down for all students to reverse the effects of Covid learning loss. Small group tutoring through the PASS Program, night school, and intersession will be implemented across to district to support students in their learning growth.  Additionally, rigorous instructional materials will be purchased for use in and out of the four corners of the classroom at all grade levels to accelerate learning.  
    Infrastructure: Facility and transportation improvements will be made for students so they will be transported to their schools with more versatile learning spaces that will allow students to continue in-person learning in the safest manner possible during a pandemic   
    Social-Emotional Learning (SEL): Support for our students at all levels will be a priority with the hiring of nine additional nurses, two licensed practicing counselors, and SEL coordinator to address our students' physical, mental and emotional needs.

    Parents: Parent engagement conferences will be held in each feeder pattern. In addition to having presenters that will focus on the needs of that particular feeder, presenters at all seven conferences will discuss parenting skills, stress management, college readiness, suicide prevention, academic skills, drug/alcohol abuse, and time management. Social services will also be available at each conference to assist families in need.


ESSER III Working Budget
  • Updated 7/28/22

Stakeholder Input

  • We received input from all groups listed in the IFR including teachers, principals, staff and administrators, parents and students, civil rights groups, and individuals representing underserved students through various public meetings and online survey during the month of May. 

    May 24 – May 31       English and Spanish Surveys emailed to all parents, students,   and employees. Also available on websites and social media sites.  See survey findings

    May 24 – May 26       Campus Administrators surveyed  

    May 24                        District Directors Meeting  

    May 25                        District Educational Improvement Committee  

    May 26                        Parent Advisory Committee, School Health Advisory Council,   

                                        Tigua Indian Tribe, Paso del Norte Foundation  

    May 26                        Regional McKinney-Vento Coalition  

    June 3                          Migrant Parent Advisory Council  

    June 3                         Student Advisory Committee  

    June 9                         Board of Trustees Meeting: Community and Citizen’s Input  

                                       Presentation to the Board of Trustees 

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