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    The 2022-2023 school year will be Innovative Learning's inaugural year for a NEW and AMAZING program that has become a part of YISD!  Campuses across the district will be utilizing a variety of gaming applications to help get our students college-ready and prepared to work in the "real world" using the skills that eSports has to offer.

    • SEL--eSports allows students to learn and participate in Social Emotional Learning with others.  These are critical skills to help bring students together on common ground.
    • TEAM BUILDING--Learning to communicate, collaborate and be creative are essential components of any eSports activity.  We cannot do anything in life without working alongside others.
    • EVERYONE CAN COMPETE--eSports provides many opportunities for ALL students, PreK-12 to take an active role and participate within the team/club setting.
    • CCR--There are many scholarships and job possibilities that come from being a part of eSports.  Students are given a chance for success from the first time they become part of the team/club.

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    Contact Erick Buenrostro                     Contact Rebecca Calderon                       Contact Mesha Daniel