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    What is eSports?

    The District eSports program is an all-inclusive opportunity for students of all ages to participate in solo or competitive video games. With social emotional learning (SEL) strategies at its core, the program will provide students with new opportunities to grow and expand their skill set, while also enhancing their academic career.

    Together, we can create an eSports environment where people can feel welcome, meet, compete, and evolve. There are a variety of figures engaged in the community, including players and organizers, campus eSport coaches and central office staff.

    The Inaugural Year

    The 2022-2023 school year will be the inaugural year for The District eSports. Campuses across the district will be utilizing a variety of gaming applications to help get our students college-ready and prepared to work in the "real world" using the skills that eSports has to offer. The program is based on the four pillars below: Social Emotional Learning, Academic Success, Health & Wellness, and Student Voice & Participation.

  • Academic Success Research indicates that students who participate in the program show academic growth and retention.
  • Health & Wellness Balance is key. Beyond video games, our coaches will mentor our students in practicing the best strategies for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Social Emotional Learning Participating in eSports programs help boost SEL skills crucial to success in and out of the classroom. Such skills include cooperation, communication, self-management, grit, and perseverance.
  • Student Voice & Participation eSports encourages students to be vocal about their strategies. Additionally, the environment in conducive to team building opportunities.

More Information:

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