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    YISD is a 1:1 district, which means EVERY student enrolled in our schools has daily access to a device for learning.  Students are given the option to take their devices home in the evening in order to complete assignments or participate in other learning opportunities.  Most of the student devices are Chromebooks, which are quite robust, and allow students to utilize a variety of applications that enhance learning in and out of the classroom.  Daily use of these devices requires an extra layer of responsibility, and ALL students MUST watch a short video that demonstrates proper care and use of their digital tool.  The link to the Chromebook Proper Care video can be found HERE.  YISD is committed to ensuring that every student is given 24/7 access to opportunities for learning and creating both in and out of the classroom setting. 



    During the summer of 2022, all YISD teachers will get a new laptop!  These devices will be top of the line and will hold many great applications to create and implement engaging lessons for students.  Teachers may wish to enhance their digital skills in order to augment their craft, and we are right there to help to offer assistance!  Innovative Learning hosts a tutorial site, where teachers and students can complete courses on different digital applications in order to receive a digital badge.  From Google™ Docs to Minecraft, there is something for everyone!  The link to the digital badge site can be found HERE.


    Would you like more information about devices or our digital badges?  Reach out to one of our team members below.


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