Performing & Learning at YISD

Summer School Offerings

  • Summer program at YISD 2022

    Download the Summer School Catalog by clicking on the image above.

  • Summer School Offerings

    Enrichment Camps for current Kinder - 2nd Grade Students

    • Artful Science 
    • Master Chef Jr. 
    • Jr. Robotics
    • Play with Puppets

    Enrichment Camps for current Kinder - 2nd Grade Students

    • STEM Projects
    • Master Chef
    • VEX Robotics
    • Shutterbugs
    • Literacy STEAM Camps for current Kinder - 5th Grade Students

      Selected students are encouraged to attend engaging Intervention Camps that were created to address math, literacy, and science concepts. This is a GREAT fun way to sharpen your child’s content skills and get them ready for the coming school year. Camps for K-5 monolingual students and K-3 Dual Language program students will be hosted at Desertaire Elementary, Thomas Manor Elementary, Capistrano Elementary, North Loop Elementary, Del Valle Elementary, Pebble Hills Elementary, and Eastwood Knolls International School.
      K-5 Literacy STEAM Camps will run from June 6 through June 17, 2022. Students must attend all ten days from 7:45 am to 11:45 am Monday through Friday. Breakfast and lunch will be provided as part of the district’s summer feeding program. Materials will be provided for every student that attends.

      Enrichment Camps for current 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Students

      How does Zootopia, Superhero, and Space sound to you? If these words spark your interest, sign up your middle schooler for our summer enrichment camps. The camps will be filled with engaging lessons that target thinking and processing skills. Students will participate in activities that expose them to standards and skills that lead to success during middle school. Enrichment Camps will be available at every campus listed in the Summary Chart below.

      Academic Language Program Department Middle School Language Camps

      The Language Enrichment Camp is for all emergent bilingual students who are currently in a newcomer class or at a very low English proficiency level.  The camp’s goal is to further develop students’ social and academic English proficiency via engaging thematic lessons and activities.

      Advanced Academics Offerings

      High school students who are qualified to take dual credit courses through EPCC will be given the chance to earn up to 6 hours of college credit by taking one or two courses at our two different summer hubs.

      TSI Boot Camp

      Students will have the opportunity to become college-ready this summer by preparing for and taking the TSI 2.0. This exam allows students to qualify to take dual credit courses and earn free college credit in high school. Students who meet the benchmarks for the math and/or English exam will never have to take developmental courses at any Texas college or university.

      Special Education ESY Camps

      Students who receive special education services have the opportunity to attend ESY camps that the ARD committee has determined will assist in the continued work to achieve their goals and objectives. YISD SPED Dept. works with Region 19 to help make the ESY camps a huge success. Each camp focuses on a specific need that is tailored to the student’s IEP.

      High School Academics

      • Credit Recovery
      • Credit Advancement
      • End of Course (EOC) Intervention

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      Elementary Hosting Campuses for Learning Community & Summer School Administration

      • Elementary Summer Camps are offered at one school in each learning community.

        See below to find your host campus.

        North Loop Elementary

        412 Emerson Dr. 
        Hosting the Bel Air Community
        Summer School Administrator: Norma Flores -
        Hosted campuses:

        • Del Norte Heights Elementary
        • Loma Terrace Elementary
        • Mesa Vista Elementary
        • North Loop Elementary
        • Sageland Elementary

        Del Valle Elementary

        9251 Escobar Dr 
        Hosting the Del Valle Community
        Summer School Administrator: Micaela Moncada -

        Hosted campuses:

        • Alicia R. Chacon International
        • Del Valle Elementary
        • Lancaster Elementary
        • Mission Valley Elementary

        Eastwood Knolls International

        10000 Buckwood Dr. 
        Hosting the Eastwood Community
        Summer School Administrator: Monica Triplett -

        Hosted campuses:

        • Eastwood Heights Elementary
        • East Point Elementary
        • Edgemere Elementary
        • Scotsdal Elementary

        Pebble Hills Elementary

        11145 Edgemere Dr. 
        Hosting the Hanks Community
        Summer School Administrator: Maria Urena -

        Hosted campuses:

        • Glen Cove Elementary
        • REL Washington Elementary
        • Pebble Hills Elementary
        • Tierra del Sol Elementary
        • Vista Hills Elementary

        Desertaire Elementary

        6301 Tiger Eye Dr. 
        Hosting the Parkland Community
        Summer School Administrator: Valerie Chavez -

        Hosted campuses:

        • North Star Elementary
        • Dophin Terrace Elementary
        • Parkland Elementary
        • Desertaire Elementary

        Thomas Manor Elementary

        7900 Jersey Dr. 
        Hosting the Riverside Community
        Summer School Administrator: Maribel Guevara -

        Hosted campuses:

        • Ascarate Elementary
        • Cedar Grove Elementary
        • Ramona Elementary
        • Constance Hulbert Elementary
        • Thomas Manor Elementary

        Capistrano Elementary

        240 Mecca Dr. 
        Hosting the Ysleta Community
        Summer School Administrator: Maritza Fernandez -

        Hosted campuses:

        • Capistrano Elementary
        • Pasodale Elementary
        • Presa Elementary
        • Ysletal Elementary

      Middle School Summer Campuses & Administrator

      • Summer School Camps are available at each middle school. Rio Bravo Middle School students will attend summer school at Ysleta Middle School. Please see below for contact information.

        Alicia Chacon International School
        (Middle school only)
        920 Burgundy Dr.
        Summer School Administrators Cindy Sizemore:
        Esther McCarthy:

        Bel Air Middle School
        7909 Ranchland Dr.
        Summer School Administrator
        Carmen Chavira:

        Del Valle Middle School
        8674 North Loop Dr.
        Summer School Administrator
        Rose Cereceres:

        Eastwood Knolls International School
        10000 Buckwood Ave. 915.434.4400
        Summer School Administrator
        Monica Triplett:

        Eastwood Middle School
        (Will be hosted at Eastwood High School due to construction)
        2430 McRae Blvd.
        Summer School Administrator
        Tanya Vega:

        Hanks Middle School
        1641 Billie Marie
        Summer School Administrator
        Lisa Morales:

        Parkland Pre-Engineering Middle School
        6045 Nova Way
        Summer School Administrator
        Dr. Laura Venegas:

        Riverside Middle School
        7615 Mimosa Ave.
        Summer School Administrator Yolandra Morgan:

        Ysleta Middle School
        (and Rio Bravo MS)
        8691 Independence Dr.
        Summer School Administrator Lourdes Jacquez:
        Ohana De La Riva:


      High School Summer Campuses & Administrator

      • Summer School courses for 9th through 12th graders are available at each High School. Dual Credit Hubs are only offered at Hanks High School and Del Valle High School but are open to all dual credit students in the district. Please see below for contact information.

        Bel Air High School
        731 Yarbrough Dr.
        Summer School Administrator
        Vania Reyes-Flood:

        Del Valle High School
        950 Bordeaux Dr.
        Summer School Administrator
        Philip Hash: 

        Eastwood High School
        2430 McRae Blvd.
        Summer School Administrators
        Allen Haynes:
        Denicka Martinez: 

        Hanks High School
        2001 Lee Trevino
        Summer School Administrators
        Gabriel Lopez:

        Fabiola Arras:


        Parkland High School
        5932 Quail Ave.
        Summer School Administrators
        Jeff Ellsworth:

        Hugo Gonzalez:

        Riverside High School
        301 Midway Dr.
        Summer School Administrator Veronica Ordonez:


        Ysleta High School
        8600 Alameda Ave.
        Summer School Administrator Roxana Amador: 

        Valle Verde Early College High School
        919 Hunter Dr.
        Summer School Administrator
        Laura Widner: 


        Tejas School of Choice
        7500 Alpha Street
        Summer School Administrator
        Ruben Flores: 

        Plato Academy
        8441 Alameda Ave.
        Summer School Administrator
        Mae Reed: