Parental Requests for Children to Opt Out of State Assessments

  • The Ysleta Independent School District has no authority to grant any request for an exemption from mandated standardized testing, nor does it deviate from the state-mandated process for administering these assessments. Texas Education Code (TEC) §26.010 prohibits opting out of an assessment, and prohibits a student from being removed from a class or school in order to avoid a test. Therefore, parental requests for their children to opt out of state assessments cannot be sanctioned or approved.

     In order to comply with state law, all eligible students who are in attendance during the administration of an assessment will:

    1. Be provided with an opportunity to participate in the test by being placed in a testing room;
    2. Will be reminded by the test administrator to continue working on their assessment for the duration of the test; and
    3. Will be reminded by the test administrator to complete the test and record their answers on the answer document.

    Answer documents from all eligible students who are in attendance during the administration of an assessment will be submitted for scoring.

    Students who were absent the day of the test but are in attendance within the testing window will be placed in the appropriate test make-up session as planned by their campus.

Credit By Examination (CBE)

  • Tests are available for acceleration for each primary school grade level (grades 1-8) and credit for secondary school academic subjects. These tests will be offered at no cost to the student on the scheduled dates below, and will be administered at the requesting campus. Please contact your campus for ordering and administration information.

    CBE Assessment Calendar


    Helpful Links

    To access review sheets for High School courses, please click here.
    To access review sheets for Grades 1 to 8 advancement, please click here.

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