• The STEM teachers will ensure that the students are able to utilize electronic databases to help them with their research skills as they work on writing research plans and abstracts for their group and independent projects, such as those for Science Fair.  The district has access to a large number of databases and online resources, including many specifically for STEM.  It will necessary for the student to learn how to use these research tools effectively.  As this will be a skill needed for their post-secondary studies and in the 21st Century environment. 

    During the Advisory period, STEM teachers will incorporate reading days each week to allow students the opportunity to read and analyze current articles in the STEM fields.  Articles may be selected by teachers or brought in by the students.  Teachers will also be encouraged to use this as an opportunity to work on their presentation skills if the students report out about their findings on their reading.

    By having each grade level of the Academy work together on Project Based Learning assignments relevant to the campus over their 4 years of high school – such as becoming an energy efficient school or installing a solar cell phone charging station – the students will have the opportunity to work on real-life issues affecting them and apply the skills they learn from the curriculum.  Students will use the scientific method and engineering design principles to work through the project, research a solution through their classes, utilize technology to help build or create that solution, and have ownership of the final project as they give back to their campus and community.

    Ysleta High School will be looking into utilizing STEM curriculum from different sources to better help prepare our students for higher education opportunities.  The Academy has also partnered with the REC Foundation, a group focused on providing industry certifications backed by companies in the industry such as Northman Group Foundation, International Technology and Engineering Educators Association(ITEEA), VEX Robotics, Innovation First International, Harris Corporation and CareerSource Brevard among others.  Under the REC Foundation, our STEM Academy students will be able to look at concentrations in Aerospace, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical and also Electrical Pre-Engineering certifications.  In addition, STEM Academy students will also be able to look at concentrations in Computer Science, Programming, Engineering and Manufacturing Technology.  Through their partnership, the Academy will gain valuable training and certification experience that can be implemented in the classroom by teachers, along with training and internships for Academy students.  REC Foundation representatives are also part of the Advisory Board.

2020-2021 Work-Based Learning in Progress

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