• Minimum Software Standards                                                                                                                                                                                                           Updated: February 20, 2024


    Software purchases must comply with HB 18 (link) which ensures direct and informed parental consent is required for a student's use of a software application, and must consider hidden costs for proper implementation.

    Negotiations via Agiloft (contract approval and signature routing process) may delay some purchases if the vendor does not accept a purchase order in place of a contract.  

    The following items should be included in the quote, where applicable: 

    • The purchasing cooperative used and the vendor number as registered with YISD. 

    •  The total cost for the implementation completed in Year 1 may include the following:
      • Software setup, configuration, and integration by vendor
      • Software maintenance 
      • Software support 
      • Data sharing agreement
      • Training hours
      • Travel, lodging, meals and expenses associated with training
    • The total recurring costs per year may include:

      • Additional training hours
      • Travel, lodging, and expenses associated with training
      • Custom reports
      • License count increases/decreases
      • Potential service overage charges (i.e. cloud/storage/hosting services)


    Points to consider:

    • Data sharing requirements between YISD and Vendor
    • Content filtering requirements to allow and open external websites needed for the software to work properly.
    • User account and provisioning with Vendor integrations into YISD systems such as Clever and EntraID (renamed from Active Directory).
    • Operating system (OS) requirements needed by the software to match user equipment, such as runs only on Apple, Windows or Android. 
    • Application integrations with YISD user data, such as Student Systems, HR Systems, SPED systems. 
    • Encryption requirements for Vendor regulatory and compliance with data security standards. 
    • Regulatory and HB 18 compliance (link).


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