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Degrees and Certifications:

Counselor for last names P-Sal

Ms. Vanessa Bailey

Phone: 915-434-4019


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Counselor for last names beginning with Gon - Loz

Ms. Laura Galindo

Phone: 915-434-4021


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Students Last Names Lu - O

Mr. Eduardo Nava

Phone: 915-434-4003


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Counselor for last names Ci-Gom

Ms. Esperanza Escobedo Cataldi

Phone: 915-434-4017


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Counselor for last names A - Ch

Ms. Kimberly Grijalva

Phone: 915-434-4018


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Last Names Sam - Z

Ms. Irene Rios

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Role of a School Counselor

  • The role of a school counselor, as outlined by the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) national model, encompasses various responsibilities to support students' academic, social, and emotional development. Here's a summary with bulleted points:

    • Academic Guidance:

      • Assist students in developing academic goals and plans.
        Guide course selection and career pathways.
        Monitor and address academic progress and challenges.
    • Social-Emotional Support:

      • Foster a positive school environment conducive to emotional well-being.
        Offer counseling services to address students' social and emotional concerns.
        Promote interpersonal skills and conflict resolution.
    • Career Development:

      • Facilitate exploration of career options and interests.
        Provide information on post-secondary education and career pathways.
        Assist in developing career-related skills and goals.
    • Individual and Group Counseling:

      • Conduct one-on-one counseling sessions to address personal challenges.
        Facilitate group counseling sessions for specific issues or concerns.
        Implement interventions to enhance students' social skills.
    • Advocacy and Collaboration:

      • Advocate for students' needs within the school community.
        Collaborate with teachers, parents, and administrators to support student success.
        Play a key role in creating a positive and inclusive school culture.
    • Crisis Intervention:

      • Provide immediate support and intervention during crises.
        Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to address emergencies.
        Implement strategies to help students cope with traumatic events.
    • Data Analysis and Assessment:

      • Utilize data to assess the effectiveness of counseling programs.
        Analyze academic and behavioral trends to inform decision-making.
        Continuously evaluate and improve counseling services based on outcomes.