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    In accordance with Sec. 29.051 state policy, public schools are responsible for providing a full opportunity for all students to develop proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension of the English language, as it is essential for successful participation of the state's educational program. This subchapter supports the establishment of bilingual education programs to provide assistance and appropriate supports for students. 

    Emergent Bilingual students might enter middle school or high school at different English language proficiency levels. Both the middle and high school ESL programs allow for individualized progression of course work, depending on the student’s program entry level. The program is committed to addressing English language acquisition and fluency, while also providing students with academic content classes.

    Ysleta ISD is committed to providing high-quality instructional programs to our Emergent Bilingual students that enter our schools. Our priority for Emergent Bilingual students is to support their English language acquisition, so that they will be eligible to exit Limited English Proficiency status, have additional course opportunities to participate in innovative programs, and ultimately, successfully reach high school commencement.

    The Academic Language Programs (ALPs) Department is committed to ensuring that all Emergent Bilingual students are provided with optimal instructional programs that support English acquisition taught by exemplary ESL certified teachers. In accordance with state mandates and guidance, we use the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) to appropriately place and support our students. 




    Emergent Bilingual students are enrolled in effective language academic courses that are designed to meet the needs of students, while sustaining the academic requirements set by the district and the state of Texas. Extensive resource materials support the courses students are enrolled in, enabling our Emergent Bilingual students to achieve academic success, while developing English proficiency. English/ESL certified teachers deliver instruction in the language arts classes using research-based ESL methodologies.



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Middle School Placement Guidelines

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High School Placement Guidelines

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