• Foreign Language Course Offerings for Languages Other than English LOTE and Dual Language Programs

    According to the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, advanced level language proficiency is necessary for college and career readiness. To that end, students should have uninterrupted, consistent access to early standards-based learning experiences in languages other than English. School districts are strongly encouraged to offer languages other than English in the elementary grades in immersion or Foreign Language in Elementary Schools (FLES) settings with consistent and frequent exposure. For districts that offer languages in elementary school, the expected student outcomes are the same as those designated at levels I-IV in Subchapter C of this chapter (relating to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than English).

    The Ysleta ISD offers levels of a language in a variety of scheduling arrangements that may extend or reduce the traditional schedule when careful consideration is given to the instructional time available on a campus and the language ability of students.

    The third language at the elementary level is supported at 10% every year. Students have the option to continue the third language through high school. The goal for high school language courses is to achieve the highest rating for Advanced Placement and/or college-level credit.

    LOTE Course Offerings across the District

    International Campuses

     Intl Schs


     Other elementary campuses offering a third language as part of the Dual Language Program

    (Will become International Schools once the program is offered at every grade level)



    Middle School and High School Foreign Language course offerings as part of Dual Language Model and/or Foreign Language Credits