• Ysleta Independent School District  


    To promote the health and wellness of all school aged children, so they can be healthy and ready to learn, while achieving academic success.


    Student Health Services fosters the growth, development and academic success of YISD students by promoting their health and well-being. We monitor, identify and address the unmet health needs of students, families and school personnel. We build partnerships and collaborate with public and private health entities to ensure quality, compassionate nursing services that are effective, culturally appropriate, and responsive to the diverse, changing needs of our student population and their communities. 

    Our Values

    Every school-aged child is entitled to educational opportunities in a healthy and safe environment that will allow him/her to reach full potential as an individual and prepare him/her to be a successful citizen in their community.

    The roles of the school nurse include manager of school health by assessing needs, planning and implementing interventions, and evaluating outcomes; advocate for the rights of students in health promotion; health counselor for students, parents and staff.

    Parents are primarily responsible  for the health of their children. School nurses work in partnership with parents and health care providers in providing health services to students while in school.

    Health Services monitors each school's health clinic procedures and services to maintain high health standards for all students, staff and the community. This is accomplished by audits, ongoing staff education and training and adhering to health and safety regulations, policies, and laws that govern YISD and Texas Public Schools.  

    School Nurse

    A full-time registered nurse is on duty daily at each campus with the exception of Plato Academy and Ysleta Community Learning Center. Under the supervision of the Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) are employed for nursing and related services for students requiring specialized nursing care. 


    Student Health Services Director

    Sylvia Belmontes



    Student Health Services Secretary

    Ida Ruiz



    Comprehensive Care Center Clinic Coordinator

    Michele Doonan



    Comprehensive Care Center Secretary

    Rosie Damian