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    The health and safety of our students is always our top priority at Ysleta ISD. When issues of concern are brought to our attention, we feel it is important to share them with you. Given that we are heading into the cold and flu season, the additional precautions that YISD is taking will also go the extra mile toward minimizing the spread of germs and illnesses in general. School nurses continue to use screening processes for communicable diseases per local, state, and federal guidelines. Visit this site often for health updates.


    Student Health Services Director

    Sylvia Belmontes



    Student Health Services Secretary

    Ida Ruiz



    Comprehensive Care Center Clinic Coordinator

    Michele Doonan



    Comprehensive Care Center Secretary

    Rosie Damian


  • Growth and Devlopment

    The Ysleta School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) has reviewed the following movies used by the District and the City of El Paso Public Health Department Health Educators:
    • Growing Up for Boys - 5th-6th Grades
    • Growing Up for Girls - 5th-6th Grades
    • Always Changing: About You - 5th-6th Grades
    • Just Around the Corner- 5th-6th Grades
    • Puberty for Boys: Amazing Changes Inside and Out - 5th-6th Grades
    • Puberty for Girls: Amazing Changes Inside and Out - 5th-6th Grades
    • Straight Talk About Puberty for Boys
    • Straight Talk About Puberty for Girls
    Generally, the presentations are given to 5th and 6th graders but can also be given to the 4th graders along with the Boy/Girl packets that contain deodorant.

    The SHAC approves the use of these videos and respectfully recommends the following:
    1. Strongly encourage parental participation; offer parents the opportunity to preview the materials.
    2. This program be taught during regular school hours to grades 4-6.
    3. Require Campus Administrators to be familiar with the content before being shown to students.
    4. The campus nurse is the campus coordinator for the Growth and Development classes.
    5. Ensure the collection of the District parent permission forms. Provide an alternative location for students not participating.