• YISD Social Media Protocol

    Ysleta Independent School District supports the use of social media to facilitate district and campus programs in building successful community relations. Below are guidelines regarding the use of social media by the campuses, departments and campus organizations. This includes all accounts using YISD, Ysleta ISD, and/or campus names in the title of the account.

    Definition:  Social media includes the various online technology tools that enable people to communicate easily over the internet to share information and resources.  Social media can include Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Periscope, SnapChat or Pinterest.  These websites not only provide information, but allows for interaction during this informational exchange through user-generated content.

    Authorization:  District or campus presence on any social media site, including school-related accounts, such as clubs, teams, or other sites associated with the district or a campus must be authorized by the Director of Public Relations, his or her designee or Principal. Any sites, accounts or pages that do not have prior authorization will be subject to removal.

    To request permission for a district-related site: Please utilize the “YISD Social Media Authorization” form and identify a “content owner,” or individual responsible for performing regular monitoring and maintenance of the website or account.  Please note that for emergency purposes only, each district-affiliated site or social media account must have the name of a Public Relations designee as a site administrator. The site content owner and responsible administrator shall be responsible for monitoring and maintaining the site.

    Third party sites:  Authorized social media school sites shall maintain a clear separation from the social media site of their affiliated organizations such as: parent-teacher group(s), booster club(s), and/or alumni organizations. Employee accounts shall comply with standards set forth in the in the Ysleta ISD Board Policy Manual available on the YISD website. See Policy DH Employee Standards of Conduct (Electronic Media).

    Use of District Logo: The use of the YISD logo(s) and name “YISD,” “Ysleta ISD,” and Ysleta Independent School District” on a social media site must be approved by the Department of Public Relations. For approved logo use, follow the YISD Style Guide available on Share Point.

    General District Sites and Accounts:  The district’s general social media sites including the district’s Facebook, Twitter Instagram, Periscope, SnapChat and You Tube accounts, will be managed by the Department of Public Relations.

    Sponsors and advertising:  Sponsor logos and advertising are not permitted on authorized websites. Information on the campus Partners in Education are permitted but must to be construed as an endorsement for the business.

    Social Media Guidelines: The YISD Social Media Guidelines must be included on all Facebook pages in the “notes” section. The purpose of the guidelines are to inform visitors to the site of repercussions of posting inappropriate comments.

    Maintenance and monitoring responsibilities: Content owners are responsible for monitoring and maintaining official presences on social media sites as follows:
    1. Content must conform to all applicable state and federal laws, as well as all district and board policies and administrative procedures.
    2. Content must be kept current, accurate, and refreshed at least weekly.
    3. Contents must not violate copyright laws and content owner must secure the expressed consent of all involved parties for the right to distribute or publish recordings, photos, images, video, text, slideshow presentations, artwork or any other materials.  Before posting any photographs of students, content owners shall review the list of students whose parents have not consented to having their child’s photograph taken or published. No student photographs should be published for personal, promotional use or any other non-school related purpose.
    4. All postings and comments by users are monitored and responded to as necessary on a regular basis.  Postings and comments of an inappropriate nature or containing information unrelated to official or district business should be deleted promptly. Such postings shall be reported, investigated, and authors will be banned from the site.

    Please refer to YISD Policy DH Legal and DH Local regarding the use of social and electronic media by employees. Remember that online content can be spread in mere seconds to a mass audience. The district encourages employees to be diligent and responsible before posting any information online.

    All documents are available on SharePoint in the Dept. of Public Relations.

    Revised: 8/2/17