Texas Public Information Request

  • Making a Request. The request must be submitted in writing and must ask for records or information already in existence. The Act does not require a governmental body to create new information, to do legal research, or to answer questions.

    Charges to the Requestor. A person may ask to view the information, get copies of the information or both. If a request is for copies of information, the governmental body may charge for the copies. If a request is only for an opportunity to inspect information, then usually the governmental body may not impose a charge on the requestor. However, under certain limited circumstances, a governmental body may impose a charge for access to information.

    Responsibilities of Requestors.

    All people who request public information have the responsibility to:

    • Submit a written request according to a governmental body’s reasonable procedures
    • Include enough description and detail of the requested information so the governmental body can accurately identify and locate the requested items
    • Cooperate with the governmental body’s reasonable requests to clarify the type or amount of information requested 

    For your convenience, the District provides numerous documents online.  Below is a partial listing of what is available online at www.yisd.net.

    • 2015 Bond Information
    • AP Check Registers
    • Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes
    • Board Policy Manual
    • Budget
    • Debt Information
    • Enrollment Statistics
    • Financial Audits
    • Payroll Costs
    • Salary Schedules
    • School Calendar
    • Superintendent’s Contract

    Charges for Providing Copies of Public Information (partial listing)

    • Digital video disc (DVD)--$3.00
    • Labor - $15.00/hour
    • Miscellaneous supplies – actual cost
    • Non-rewritable CD (CD-R)--$1.00
    • Other electronic media--actual cost
    • Overhead Charge – 20% of labor charge
    • Postage and shipping – actual cost
    • Programming Labor - $28.50/hour
    • Standard paper copy. $.10 per page     

Request of Information Form