Employee Safety & Health

  • Building Inspections

    Safety Data Sheets

    Employee Safety Training and Accident Prevention
    All campuses based employees
    Transportation Employees
    Warehouse Employees
    All Maintenance Employees
    Grounds Employees
    Central Office Employees
    SEC Employees

    District Drug Policy
    Drug Policy Orientation
    Trained Observer
    Record Maintenance

    Vehicle Accident Investigation
    Fleet Record Maintenance

    Workers' Compensation
    Backup to Workers' Compensation Coordinator

    Transitional Return To Work
    Support and coordinate the Transitional Return-to-Work Program

    Member of District Crisis Management Response Team
    Field first responder as assigned
    Command center responder as assigned

    Defensive Driving
    Is a online course. Please contact Dolores Armendariz at (915) 434-0482 to be registered.