Procedures for Reporting a Work-Related Injury

  • Once an employee has been injured on the job, the following steps must be taken:

    Employee must immediately inform their direct supervisor or department head about the injury and report to the nearest nurse.

    The nurse will check on the employee's welfare and determine the severity of the injury.

    If medical treatment is necessary, the employee shall be sent to one of the District's preferred medical providers for treatment.

    Risk Management Department is notified by the immediate supervisor or department head, and a completed incident report is faxed to (915) 435-9584. For questions call the Automated Line at (915) 434-0460.

  • Eastside Rehab Medicine & Pain Clinic, P.A.
    10412 Vista del Sol, Ste. 1-B
    (915) 593-9300

    El Paso Orthopedic Surgery Group
    3100 Lee Trevino or
    9999 Kenworthy, Ste. C
    (915) 533-7465

  • Eastside Medical Care Center
    1721 Lee Trevino
    El Paso, TX 79936
    Phone (915) 591-2114
    Fax (915) 633-9558

    1610 Zaragoza
    El Paso, TX 79936
    Phone (915) 593-1862
    Fax (915) 593-2173

    6320 Gateway Blvd. E.
    El Paso, TX 79905
    Phone (915) 772-2111
    Fax (915) 778-6759

  • In case of an emergency or an after hours injury requiring medical attention:

    Employee shall notify their direct supervisor or department head and the contact listed below, and then proceed to the emergency room. If immediate treatment is not necessary, the injury must be reported the following workday morning to the nearest campus nurse.

    Ernie Landeros (915) 540-9804
    Dolores Armendariz (915) 497-4691
    YISD Security (915) 434-0195

    Procedures to follow when returning to work from a work-related injury:

    Note: These procedures only apply when an employee has been injured on the job AND has received the services of a physician.

    Obtain DWC-73 Form (release to regular or modified duty) from treating physician or have physician submit the form to the Risk Management.

    If the medical provider releases the employee back to work with restrictions or completely removes him/her from work, the employee cannot report back to his or her worksite.

    The employee must first report to Risk Management. During holidays, weekends, or after office hours contact Claims Administrative Services (CAS) Trish Almanza at 1-800-765-2412 extension 1007.

    Employee must be approved to return to work from Risk Management. If employee cannot be accommodated with restrictions, injured worker will not be allowed to report to work.

    If approved, employee reports to work site.

    After Hours Reporting of a Work Related Accident:

    If you are injured while performing your regular or assigned job, outside of normal hours of operation, please contact the following people:

    Ernie Landeros (915) 540-9804
    Dolores Armendariz (915) 497-4691
    YISD Security (915) 434-0195