• Frequently Asked Questions

    • Which grade levels receive a device?
      The District provides devices for all students in grades 3-8 and some devices for high schools that students can checkout through the library.
    • What kind of device is provided by the district?
      Currently the district provides one of two types of devices, a chromebook or an HP Stream. Both devices are considered cloud devices and work well with the Google ecosystem
    • How does my child login to his/her device? 
      Students will receive their login information from campus personnel. Their user name is generally the first initial of their first name combined with their last name (all lower case). In some cases there is a number attached as well if the last name is somewhat common. The password is your child's school ID number.
    • What happens if my child's district device is damaged lost/stolen?  
      Students/parents are held responsible for damage or loss of device. Damage costs range between $10 - $200 (depending upon whether a device is repairable or not). Responsibility for loss of device is the full cost ($200). If a device is lost/stolen it is the parents' responsibility to file a police report and provide it to the campus.
    • Can my child bring his/her own device?
      Ysleta ISD has implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan. Students are allowed to bring personal devices to use during classroom instruction and learning, with teacher permission. (See More Information)
    • Can the district device connect to my personal wireless network at home? 
      Yes, follow the instructions for connecting to your wireless network provided by your Internet provider.
    • Can my child use an external mouse with the district device? 
      Absolutely, students can use a wired mouse or a bluetooth mouse if they wish. However, the district will not provide a mouse. 
    • What if my child experiences issues with the device, what can we do? 
      You and your child can perform minor troubleshooting. Using the Internet is a great resource for learning to troubleshoot the device. If the issue is something that you cannot easily repair then the device must be turned into the campus who will ensure the device is repaired by district personnel. Under no circumstances will a device be allowed to be sent to an outside source for repair.