• Retiring or Resigning from YISD 

    How to say goodbye to Ysleta ISD...

    Compose letter of resignation/retirement    

    The letter must include the following:

    • Full Name
    • Employee ID Number
    • Title/Position
    • Campus/Department Name
    • Type of Separation: 'Resignation' or 'Retirement'
    • The last day you will work for YISD
    • Reason (Optional)
              Date: 12/15/2019
              "I, George Washington, employee #000000, Teacher at ABC Middle School (resign or retire) from the Ysleta Independent School District effective 01/01/2020.”
    Submit the letter to the appropriate supervisor for signature, date and acceptance.
    Campus/Department will forward the official letter to Human Resources for director and central office approval, as outlined below:
    Elementary Personnel (Teachers and campus administrators)
    Secondary Personnel (Teachers and campus administrators)
    Support Personnel (Operations: Maintenance/Transportation/Custodians, Ancillary, Paraprofessional, Part-Time, Technology, and Central Office professional/administrative positions) 
    The employee will receive an acknowledgment letter from Human Resources.

    When the retirement/resignation letter is approved by Human Resources, an acknowledgment/release letter will be sent to the employee which provides details on the separation/exit process to follow.


    Return district property

    The employee must return all campus/department materials, name badges, keys and/or equipment assigned to them prior to their last day of work. A District/Campus Clearance Form will then be signed by the supervisor and forwarded to Human Resources by the campus/department. Employees and supervisors are responsible for ensuring the District/Campus Clearance Form is completed for each employee leaving Ysleta ISD. Employees are responsible for damaged or missing school district property. 

    • Teachers/Librarians must acquire a clearance from their assigned campus and the Innovative Learning department.
    • Counselors must acquire a clearance from their assigned campus and the School Counseling department.
    • Nurses must acquire a clearance from their assigned campus and the Student Health Services department.

    Exit process

    Human Resources will generate an exit form once all clearances are received.  The form will be sent to the employee via email. 

    Please contact Rachel Rodriguez at (915) 434-0435 or rrodriguez107@yisd.net with any questions you have regarding your exit from the district.