• Retiring or Resigning from YISD 

    How to say goodbye to Ysleta ISD...

    Compose letter of resignation/retirement    

    Letter must include the following:

    • Full Name
    • Employee ID Number
    • Title/Position
    • Campus/Department Name
    • Type of Separation: 'Resignation' or 'Retirement'
    • The last day you will work for YISD
    • Reason (Optional)
              Date: 12/15/2019
              "I, George Washington, employee #000000, Teacher at ABC Middle School (resign or retire) from the Ysleta Independent School District effective 01/01/2020.”
    Submit letter to appropriate supervisor for signature, date and acceptance.
    Campus/Department will forward the official letter to Human Resources for director and central office approval, as outlined below:
    Elementary Personnel (Teachers and campus administrators)
    Secondary Personnel (Teachers and campus administrators)
    Support Personnel (Operations: Maintenance/Transportation/Custodians, Ancillary, Paraprofessional, Part-Time, Technology, and Central Office professional/administrative positions) 
    Employee will receive an acknowledgment letter from Human Resources.

    When the retirement/resignation letter is approved by Human Resources, an acknowledgment/release letter will be sent to the employee which provides details on the separation/exit process to follow.


    Schedule an appointment with Human Resources for an exit interview.

    Employee must contact Teresa Ontiveros at (915) 434-0423 or tontiveros@yisd.net for an exit interview appointment. Appointments may only be scheduled after the resignation/retirement letter has been accepted by both the supervisor and the designated Human Resources director. All employees must have the District/Campus Clearance Form completed and submitted to Human Resources prior to the exit interview. 

    During the exit interview, the employee will complete and sign the following documents:
    • Exit Interview Form
    • Laptop Clearance Receipt for Assigned District Laptops, if applicable, prior to the exit interview appointment
      • Teachers and Librarians must return laptops and obtain a receipt from the Innovative Learning Department
      • Counselors must return laptops and obtain a receipt from the Guidance and Counseling Department


    Return district property

    Employee must return all campus/department materials, name badges, keys and/or equipment assigned to them prior to their last day of work.  A District/Campus Clearance Form will then be signed by the supervisor and forwarded to Human Resources by the campus/department. Employees and supervisors are responsible for ensuring the District/Campus Clearance Form is completed for each employee leaving Ysleta ISD. Employees are responsible for damaged or missing school district property.