Reporting Child Abuse

  • State law and District policy require that any employee with knowledge of actual or suspected child abuse or neglect report such to the CPS within 48 hours of first knowledge. In addition, District policy requires the employee also report such cases to the employee’s immediate supervisor (campus administrator) and the Employee Relations Department. 

    1. Call 911 or your local law enforcement agency if the situation is an emergency.

    2. Report to Child Protective Services, see Texas Abuse Hotline link below:

        First Time Users : For your security and convenience, you must create a password-protected account and profile

        LINK:  Texas Department of Family and Protective Services -   Texas Abuse Hotline

    3. Contact immediate supervisors.

    4. Contact Employee Relation Dept directly/immediately if case involves district employee.

    5. Employee making report must complete and submit the YISD report to Employee Relations on sharepoint at:

        LINK:  Employee Relations Sharepoint Page

    You will no longer need to fax form. You will need to completely fill out information and submit.  Print off form for your records.

    6. Employee submitting report must ensure that counselor is informed of situation.

    7. YISD Counselors are to use the following procedures upon submission of a CPS  report.